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In the year of 2004, my family made their first excursion to Emerald Isle, North Carolina. We realized after just a short week on the sunny, breezy beaches, that this was a spot on earth that was closest to heaven itself. Leaving was the hardest problem to face that entire week, and I was saddened by it immensely.


However, I was given a glimpse of a birthday present of mine no more than a year and a half later; we were going to the beach again during spring break 2007. No material item was more precious to me than this news was. This was what I had been waiting for.

When the time came, packing was not as hard as I thought it would be. I was so excited just to go; all I knew I needed was clothes. I would spend so much time out on the beach that I would not have a need for video games or television.

However, going to a new house and not knowing exactly what I was getting into, I brought books and cards, to keep myself busy during the day if I would need them. Getting up the morning we left was exciting, regardless that it was so early in the day. We left so early because my family is a family that drives everywhere.

I have been on a plane twice; to and from Orlando for Disney World back in ’97. We have a family conversion van just for trips. We all pile in and occupy ourselves with conversations or music players or just about anything we can find.

We have a television in the van, but my brother and I actually managed to keep it off the whole time. My brother, however, dug himself deep into his Pokemon games while I studied for the SAT and read a book. I also found out a way to sleep in the car, so the actual trip was almost nothing.

Our first actual place where we stayed was some hotel down in Greensboro , North Carolina . It was pretty nice, good service and breakfast and all, and I liked that there was a Best Buy right across the parking lot. Moving on, we headed out on the last four hours of the trip to the beach house as quickly as we could, for we wanted to be there with enough time to unpack and relax.

As we pulled into the driveway of the bright yellow ‘Almost Heaven’, we were embraced with thoughts of the last trip we had taken, and we were ready for a new set of memories. As we entered into the little home, the rush of beautiful feelings and thoughts of the house subsided to feelings of slight distaste. The house seemed smaller than the last one, and it was definitely older.

The kitchen was falling apart and somewhat tacky, but at least everything was clean. The yellow color of the walls did not compare to the bright blue streaks of color on the walls of the house that will not be forgotten. The rooms of the house seemed gaunt, especially those with windows that did not face the stunning view of the ocean that had been warmed by the sun’s rays. Despite the sudden repugnance of the little place we would call home for the next 7 days, we were overwhelmed with the thoughts of the sparkling blue mass outside the sliding glass doors. Giving second thoughts to the fun we would have over the next week, we started to rethink the thoughts we had had about the house. We were all expecting it to be the same as the last, and our expectations were too high to begin with. The house was pretty, nice furniture, and was comfortable. So what else did we need? I spent most of the days out on the beach, and it felt so calming, so reviving that I felt like I wanted to start over. I thought about what I wanted to do with my life and how I wanted it to be. I wanted to be successful, so I could spend my life doing things like that, relaxing on a beach when I became older. It’s absolutely amazing how something like water can make you rethink ‘you’. Coming back home, I was ready to restart, relive, and get my life going the way I dreamt it would be, back there someday with my toes in the sand dreaming about the past.

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