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The most memorable vacation that I have ever been on would be the one that I took during July of 2006. My family and I, including my dog, were going down to North Carolina for one week. Although I had been to North Carolina before, I was very excited to go because we were meeting my aunt and uncle who live in Florida.

I had not seen them in such a long time and I missed them very much. Spending an entire week with them was going to be the best vacation that I ever had, or so I thought. In actuality, however, this would turn out to be one of those vacations were so much goes wrong that you just have to laugh.

From our house Sunset Beach was a twelve hour drive if you didn’t get lost. Unfortunately, we got lost pretty badly. We had left the house at about seven that morning, and did not arrive at our room until about midnight.

The toughest part about being lost was not the fact that we had to sit in the car longer than usual, but the fact that my dog was getting fidgety and barking constantly. It doesn’t put the driver in a good mood when he can’t concentrate on the road because the dog is giving him a migraine. No one was definitely in a good mood that night, but after a good nights sleep, we didn’t think about our journey to the cottage.

On our first day there we just relaxed around the cottage, and waited for my aunt and uncle to arrive. We played tennis, went swimming, and took the dog for a long walk. When my sister and I were playing tennis, we saw my aunt and uncle arrive.

We ran as fast as we could to them, and gave them a big hug. Words can not express the happiness that I felt from seeing my aunt and uncle. It seemed that this vacation might be the best one I have ever had.

Once we got inside, however, everything completely changed. My dog, Sammy, is a very high strung dog. Whenever he meets new people he doesn’t stop barking. You have to understand that shelties are born with the instinct to protect their family. So, it was completely understandable that my dog kept barking when he saw my aunt for the first time. When my uncle came in, however, he went crazy.

He growled and barked at him. For some reason Sammy did not like him. Take it from me that my dog’s bark is not very pleasant to listen to for a long period of time. Unfortunately for us, my dog went crazy every time he saw my uncle. He barked so much that we were afraid we were going to get kicked out because of all the noise.

We had to constantly keep my dog away from my uncle the entire vacation, which was not easy to do because we were in the same cottage. We therefore had to listen to barking every day for the entire week. Although we did not have good luck in the cottage, outside of it we had an okay time. We went to the beach and swam in the Atlantic. We saw a 4D show, which kind of was a disappointment because it was not that good. We went to the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum. I enjoyed looking at all the bizarre things that they had in there such as the seven foot tall man, the lamb with a leg on its head, and a mirror where you couldn’t see yourself when you looked in it.

We also went on a boat ride for a tour of the city. Perhaps knowing all that has happened so far you can predict how the vacation went next. If you guessed the vacation had another low point you are right. My uncle had a minor cold for part of the vacation, which went away. Unfortunately, his germs did not leave the cottage. Instead they attacked me and my sister the last two days we were there.

Rather than spending time with our aunt and uncle we had to sit on the couch and take cold medicine. We both had fevers and were extremely weak. My aunt and uncle left the day we got sick because they had to head home. Unfortunately I was sleeping when they left and did not get to say good-bye. We also left a day early for home, and since my sister and I were sick the trip back was just as uncomfortable as the trip going.

Despite all the downfalls of this vacation I consider it a vacation that I would not trade for the world. I got to be with all the people that I love the most, which does not happen very often. After we got home and everyone was well again, we all had a good laugh about what went on during the vacation. Everyone decided that we would think of other ways to get together, being that my dog and uncle did not get along.

This vacation goes to show you that no vacation is perfect or even relaxing. But I have learned that it is not how you spend your vacation, but rather who you spend your vacation with that is important.

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