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My family is the typical stereotypical American family. My dad goes to work everyday while my mom stays at home. I have an older brother and two little sisters along with the family dog.


Even though our family may be typical our vacations are anything but.My parents meet through a friend at a Florida vacation hot spot many years ago. Their 20th anniversary was coming up so they decided that the family should see where they first feel into their never-ending loveThe drive to Florida was a two-day drive since we live in the Texas. My mom planned to leave at 5am so we would make it into Florida that night.

We didn’t even leave the driveway until 10am! We had to stop for lunch before even getting out of Texas. Once we finally made it into Louisiana we hit traffic. We had to wait on a bridge for an hour because of an accident ahead of us.

We ended up talking the people in front of us. They were late for a state soccer tournament. Our trip was better than theirs for the time being.It was getting late and everyone was tired.

My mom wanted to stop, but according to my dad stopping before getting to Pensacola was not ‘part of the plan’. My dad planned for us to stay in Pensacola for the night and go to the beach when we got to the condo that afternoon. The condo that was a vacation hot spot, and all my dad could think about.

He would be able to relax. It was around 2am when we finally arrived in Pensacola, but since staying in Pensacola was part of my dad’s plan we were going to stay in Pensacola. At the first rest stop my dad parked the car and declared to everyone that we would be sleeping in the car.

It was a good thing my mom was asleep or she would of protested. Matter of fact my brother and I were the only other people awake. The three of us got settled.

My dad reclined his seat all the way back. I could not sleep because I had a grown man reclined onto my lap. My legs were suffocating.

Finally, after many horrible hours the day broke and my dad woke up due to light shining into his peacefully closed eyes. I slept all the way to the Florida vacation hot spot.When I awoke we were parked in front of a shabby looking condo. I looked to my parents. They were grinning uncontrollably. ‘Oh no’ was all I could think. We were finally at the Florida vacation hot spot, or at least it had been at some point in time. My dad was more then eager to see the room we had rented for the entire week. When I stepped in the door I thought I was going to throw up. I will spare you the gory details. Being at the beach all week was my only consolation. After we unpacked we ate dinner and slept in our beds while visions of the beach danced in our heads.

The next morning the whole family was up early ready to go to the beach next to our condo. The surf was really rough and dangerous. After my youngest sister was swept into a large rock we decided our day at the beach was over.The next say was better. The water was beautiful and the tide was great. My dad got exactly what he wanted, to relax on the beach with nothing to do. Sadly, it was his only day to do so.

The next we woke up early to howling winds and the pitter-patter of rain on the roof of the condo. My mom turned on the weather channel to see how large the storm was. It was tropical storm. I guess Tropical Storm Alberto saw how much fun we were having and decided to join us. The next 4 days were pure rain and tropical storm-ness. We left super-early the last morning to ensure that we would not have to stay the night at any rest stops on the way home. In fact we left so early that we were able to make it home by 3am the next morning without stopping to sleep.Finally the vacation was over and my siblings and I made our parents promise they would never take us to any place they went together ever again.

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