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Turning eighteen seemed like the best thing that has happened in my teenage life. Finally, I would get the freedom that I longed for. Unfortunately, it was not until a few weeks ago when I gave the number the justice it deserved.

As my friend, Ashley, and I were sitting on her bed, we decided we wanted to do something before college started up and we were tied down with school work once again. With that in mind, we came up with the idea of a road trip. We ran the idea by our parents and they agreed that it would be a good learning experience for us.

In two days, we were on the road leaving our home in Albuquerque, New Mexico and entering the unknown Texas. Atlas in hand, windows down, and music blasting, we were having the time of our lives, but little did we know, adventures awaited us. Seven hours later, winds started blowing so hard that it shook the car.

We put up the windows and in a matter of seconds rain pounded and pounded atop the car, scaring us. We went from driving 80 mph to 25 mph and held our breaths every time a semi passed us, splashing us with water and making the roads disappear. This lasted for about two hours and once the storm started clearing out, we looked at each other and laughed.

We couldn’t wait to tell our parents. Not too long afterwards, we started reaching our destination, Dallas. Our jaws dropped as we witnessed the busy life of a city unfolding before us.

I started getting little butterflies in my stomach as I viewed the winding freeways, tall buildings, and lights filling up the night sky. We were here and we made it all in one piece! Since we were eighteen, we were able to get our own hotel room for the first time in our lives. We screamed as we entered our room.

For the next few days, our lives consisted of getting lost, exploring the city, meeting extremely diverse people, and growing up in a way we would have never been able had we not been on this road trip. We fell in love with the city. We never wanted to leave but of course, time came where we had to pack up the car with all of our belongings and start heading home.

We started our journey back with an open mind. In our heads, we reminisced about our trip and smiled. Turning up the music, I pulled out the atlas and that’s when the adventures began once again.

After getting on the road, I happened to fall asleep. Ashley, who was driving at the time, didn’t know that she had to merge onto another freeway. We got lost. We stopped in little towns and eventually got directions that led us in the right path.

We took our time getting home. We stopped in interesting little towns and explored different shops and museums. This was our trip and we were going to take it all in. Four hours outside of our home city, we stopped at a small town in Texas. We went into a little boot factory and met some really nice ‘cowboys’. We loved talking to them with their accents and different ways of life. As we left, they all stood there shaking our hands, waving good-bye, and asking us to come see them again.

Before it hit us, our trip had ended. We sat in the driveway, experience and growth in our hands just taking in all that has happened to us. Our trip was now in the past but we had the time of our lives and couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful, fun, and exciting trip. In seconds, our parents came running out to the car smothering us in hugs. We were glad to be home and at the same time, glad to be slowly becoming adults ourselves.

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