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Las Vegas: City of Entertainment? It most definitely is. One may say that a 15 year old in Las Vegas is hardly appropriate, but I beg to differ. Las Vegas has recently become more family-oriented, and my trip there was the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced.

Seven hundred and fifty¬†words will not, in the least bit, do justice in describing my entire trip to Las Vegas, so I will try and condense the most fulfilling events of the trip for the reader’s enjoyment. Hopefully, someone will read this, go to Las Vegas, and be fulfilled as well.

Las Vegas is filled with flashing lights, bright attractions, and amazing hotels. Hotels like MGM grand, Bellagio, Paris, and Luxor are all notable places to visit, but these hotels serve much more a use than just gambling. They offer many shows that are appropriate for the youngsters, rides, shops, and other things to do that are all more than worthy of a wonderful vacation. There is also a company that will fly you down the Grand Canyon, and give you a tour. O

f all the wonderful things I did there, there were two things that were most rewarding.The first was seeing a Cirque Du Soleil show, titled KA, presented at MGM Grand. I am a very creative person, and I delight in seeing creativity presented by others. Being on the constant search for beauty and creativity, I have seen many beautiful, inspiring, and awe filled works of creativity in my day. But never have I been at such a loss of words when I saw this show.

They incorporated traditional and modern circus art, with kabuki theatre, puppetry, animatronics, intricate makeup, acrobatics, baton twirling, capoiera, martial arts, and architecture to tell an epic story of two twins who were separated, and their journey to find each other. The presentation itself was perfect. They had a stage that could hang vertically, and could also rotate 180 degrees (even while vertical!).

Walking out of the KA theatre, I literally told my dad that I believed my life were complete. I could lie down and die because I had just witnessed the most beautiful work of performing art in the history of art, and (figuratively) I no longer had anything else to live for.The second most rewarding thing was the tour of the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon is not part of Las Vegas, but they are fairly close to each other, and the touring agency is based in Las Vegas.

First, they drive you to the helicopter airway, where they weigh you and determine your seat in the helicopter. Luckily, I was the lightest in our group and I was able to sit in the passenger seat, as opposed to one of the back seats. We flew over and into the Grand Canyon, getting a birds-eye view of one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

Then the pilot dropped us off, and at that point, we hiked down to a boat, where we got a ride on the Colorado River. From the bottom of the river, looking up, one realizes exactly how small they are. I realized the wonder of nature, and was just overwhelmed with the tranquility and serenity that overcame me sitting on that boat and looking at the massive canyon walls.

I felt at one with nature, and again, another part of me was completed.My trip to Las Vegas was an important part of my life because, as I repeat throughout the essay, parts of me were completed within that week. Although, I might debate whether ‘completed’ is the right word. I gained fulfillment, but with that fulfillment came something else.

With KA, the urge to create and be my own original person also came with fulfillment; With the Grand Canyon, peace of mind, and tranquility came along with the gratifying reward. The trip to Las Vegas was the start of my soul searching. So, I guess I could say that I would not be the same person, had I not been to Las Vegas. If I didn’t see KA, I would probably be more like everyone else rather than my own person. And had the Grand Canyon not been a part of my trip, I would not have experienced such serenity that I, now, try to accomplish in my everyday.

I hope to revisit Las Vegas one day, so that I re-experience those moments where time stopped and parts of me were completed.

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