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There is so much to say about my adventure. I have to start somewhere. My dad had this ‘idea’ that we should take a family trip to Oaxaca. 

I had to wake up and go to LAX airport, which, by the way is insane even at 2:30 a.m. I slept the whole flight. We land and a guy that I do not even know comes and picks us up.

Apparently we are supposed to stay at his house for a week. He was very nice, so I have to give him that. My family and I get to his house and as soon as I walk in, I see massive dead animals hanging on this gigantic wall.

It was creepy. We ended up staying the night there. The next morning I got shaken awake at six o’clock and told that we were going to spend the day like a citizen down there would.

We first started out by going to the market to get fresh oranges, by the way not like our markets in America. We ended up making freshly sqeezed orange juice, without a juicer. It was extremely fun, not.

Soon it came time for lunch. We decided to go eat the regular delicacy, fried crickets. Sounds gross, I know.

I’ll explain how you eat them. First, take the tortilla and get a whopping spoonful of these nasty looking creatures. Then, put lime juice and salsa to your liking.

Enjoy. I tried it just to be polite to the native people. It was, well, interesting.

The next couple of days went on doing crazy native things, similar to the above. I definately have a new found respect for people there. One night for dinner, we all decided to go to a traditional taco shop. At this shop there are some really good onion things, but the only way you could get one is if the owner/cook was in a good mood and liked you. We told him we were from America and he gave us THREE. I can say that we received some very jealous stares that night. So, this taco shop sells tacos five for three dollars. Well, our table thought it would be entertaining to make a contest.

So who could eat the most tacos in one sitting, you ask? Well, the race started out pretty even. Once it got to the second plate, the adults started to fall behind a bit. Me and my two brothers were still battling it out. Now, the third plate comes, we are all stuffed to the brim. Yet, my parents raised some pretty competitive kids. No matter what we weren’t going to settle for a tie. Nobody ended up finishing their plates, except my little brother, who stole a taco from my brother and myself. He ended up eating seventeen tacos, while we only ate fourteen.

Now I always hear the story of how my little brother beat me.

We ended our trip with visiting some ruins. They were awesome and extremely advanced. They had all of these inventions that lined up with the stars. They even had these holes in the wall that worked like a microphone. These people were incredibly smart. I actually enjoyed my trip a ton. I really enjoyed the spontaneous lifestyle they live. It is a really cool and friendly environment. The thing that I thought was most intersting is how late at night all of the people were at cafes, just visiting and talking. They were really nice. Yet, the whole animals on the wall thing, it still creeps me out.

So I suggest to everyone reading this, to go to Oaxaca sometime in your life. Don’t forget to try the crickets.

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