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My family and I don’t really travel that much. When we do I take in every second of it, especially because my family isn’t the closest in the world.

My own definition of a family trip is when my family can come together for a little while and be selfish. We leave problems at home and just enjoy all of God’s wonders of life — all the sights and the different people and cultures.

My family and I didn’t travel that far. We went to San Francisco and it was the most different experience I have ever felt. This experience was different because the feeling of just being a different type of people was just so breathe taking.

It’s like you are out of your own old boring regular life and enter a new and peaceful one. So when we took our super long drive to San Francisco we all enjoyed each other. We caught up on our lives because most of us had jobs and no real time to talk to each other.

Sometimes, my mom would turn on the radio purposely because she knew the conversation was going no where. Then, at other times, my dad would just turn down the radio because my dad loves to talk. It is kind of strange because most guys I know don’t really talk, but it is my dad. So on our drive we talked, caught up, and sang to some songs. It was heavenly.

When we were crossing the bridge, it was amazing. The view was so beautiful. I took about 1000 pictures in my head, and promised my self never to lose them! Whenever I think of this time I can still bring up these photos. When we got to San Francisco, we got our rooms in a hotel and began our mission.

First, we went out to go by the beautiful beach. Everyone was out there in the ocean just enjoying life. Then, we went to go eat some lobster that was so delicious. I have had this before over in Buena Park, but when you try food from somewhere else and eat it in a whole different place, the taste and everything about it seems to be better.

Later that night, we went to Chinatown. Chinatown was so amazing. All of the colors and people were so breathe taking. The specific day we went, there was something special the Chinese people were celebrating. As the day turned to night, the lights seemed to grow brighter and people became merrier. It was so awesome.

As we all walked further down the street we saw all of these people in costume all walking down this street. A bunch of people dressed up as creatures. It was all of the culture and I was taking in all at once. The people all had smiles on their faces without a care in the world, and I was taken in at that. I forgot all of my worries and just thought of now.

I feel that this trip truly taught me a lesson in the end. Life is too short to worry about the negative, and lets all try and take some time out to focus on the positive. God has blessed us with so many beautiful people and places in the world. And at that moment, and on this trip I learned this. It was a trip of a life time. A trip I learned to appreciate life.

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