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‘Wake up! We overslept!’ were the screeching words that woke me up one morning. My mother, who was yelling, had planned for her, my sisters, and me to go on a one day trip to Mystic Village in Connecticut. The day had arrived and we were already behind schedule.

I ran into the bathroom, brushed my teeth and put my hair into a messy bun without even looking in the mirror. Everyone scrambled for their flip flops and bags. We arrived at our hotel safely, which was a miracle because my stressed out mother was speeding and she hadn’t had her daily cup of coffee yet. I don’t know if you know what it’s like to live with someone who cannot function in the morning without a cup of coffee, but it isn’t pretty.

I slept on the way there so when we reached the hotel parking lot, my eldest sister, Angelica swung her arm back and smacked my knee. ‘Wake up’ she said. As we walked into the hotel I realized everyone was staring at me.

I casually looked into the tinted glass window on my right to see what everyone was looking at. I had lines all over my face from sleeping in the car, my tank top was inside out, and my hair looked worse than it did when I first did it. I looked like a crazy person who walks around the subway and who people are afraid to sit near.

It wasn’t a good start to my day. We finally checked in. We found our room. It was room number 314. I immediately went into the bathroom opened up my luggage, took out a brush, and transformed myself from early hominid to a normal looking human being. We all put on our bathing suits and headed to the beach.

It wasn’t warm out. We were actually pretty chilly to be honest. Christina was the only one to get into the water while my older sister and I sunbathed. Christina came out of the water dripping wet and stood over us. Those tiny drops of water that fell on us were freezing. It was as if I was the wicked witch of the west from The Wizard of Oz and I was going to melt or, in this case, freeze to death. I arched my back like a cat while telling her to ‘get away’.

When we got back to our room we bathed and got ready for dinner. We left the hotel at 8:30 p.m. We assumed shops and restaurants stayed open as long as they do in New York — maybe that’s why we aren’t punctual. We were so wrong! Every restaurant we drove by was closed or closing soon. My mother was getting frustrated again. She is just as ill-tempered when she is hungry as she is when she doesn’t drink coffee.

That car ride was no picnic. Although I wish it had been because I was starving! When we learned that there was a seafood restaurant open, my mouth began to water. I really wanted some of my favorite soup, New England clam chowder. We had a friendly waiter. He informed us about the dishes that according to him, ‘tasted like feet’.

I ordered clam chowder, my mother ordered lobster bisque, and my two sisters had a salad to start. Another thing I was craving was mashed potatoes. I’ll eat just about anything with mashed potatoes. I ordered seasoned chicken breast with cooked vegetables and garlic mashed potatoes. I’m getting hungry just writing about it. Well, anyway, we finished with our meal, tipped the waiter, and left. Before we got into the car we took pictures in front of our new favorite seafood restaurant, called GO FISH.

We got back into our navy blue jeep. We all planned on sleeping as soon as we got in, but no, that was too easy. My younger sister complained about the sleeping arrangements. My mother and I were supposed to sleep on the king sized bed and Christina was supposed to sleep on the queen sized sofa bed with Angelica.

I finally gave up my spot on that luxurious bed. As I laid down on the not-so-comfortable sofa bed, I realized that every little thing that went wrong that day was no big deal and I was just happy to have my sisters and a mother who tried very hard for us to have fun.

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