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One seat, my iPod, my best friend and a 15 hour plane ride across the world. Being me and saying this isn’t too common. You could never imagine anyone in my family saying these words. You can say we aren’t the ‘richest’ in the bunch, but hard work and having goals helped me get through the payment deadlines for this breathtaking trip across the world.

My junior year in high school originally wasn’t too much of a change for me. Same people, same work, same drama. One class that opened my eyes to the world was my A.P. art history class. It was time consuming and at some times disappointing, but all well worth it. I treasured learning about the architecture and artwork throughout the world and learning how one simple piece of rock could have a lifetime story.

I learned about a trip my A.P. art history teacher has every year, but I would never even bother to go to the informational meetings because I knew I would never have the money for it. This year somehow I convinced my friend Adriana and me to go for the fun of it. We were in awe when we were handed the schedule of the trip that would be taken to Spain that year. My little heart set a goal that said,’I will go no matter what!’

I got home later that day with the thoughts of going flowing through my head. I begged and pleaded to my parents to let me go. The only words that came out of my father’s mouth were,’Get a job’. I set a goal and I would make it happen no matter what. In the next few weeks I set out to find a job and I was successful. I worked right after school until closing time. I would get home and do my homework and sleep.

The same routine went on for about nine months. Every two months I paid off a bit of the $3,000 trip. Next thing I knew I was sitting on a two isle plane with my best friend  on one side and my happiness on the other.

Finally, after a thirteen hour trip, we landed in the Charles du Gaul airport in France for a one hour layover and headed off for the main destination of Spain. I was in Spain, which was across the world from my home and family, but so close to every piece of art and architecture that were engraved in my head thanks to my A.P. art history class.

We traveled from city to city in ten days. We went to Sitges, Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Gibraltar, Marbella, Toledo and finally to Torremolinos. We witnessed artwork in the Prado Museum from Las Meninas by Velasquez, The Garden of Earthly Delights by Bosch, Saturn Devouring his Child by Goya to The Deposition by Van Der Weyden, all of which left me with a wide open mouth of amazement.

The thing that left me teary-eyed overall was the fact that I got to see Casa Mila and La Sagrada Familia by by Antoni Gaudi! I learned about the culture and respected it. One of my favorite parts was getting to walk down the streets with monkeys in Gibraltar. I must admit it had me kind of scared, but it was beyond fun! I got to walk on Mediterranean beaches and eat authentic Spanish food. I experienced this trip to the fullest and loved every bit of it!

I thank God and my family for giving me the opportunity to experience such a wonderful thing. My parents might not have the best jobs in the world and we might not be of such ‘high class,’ but making goals helped me get through this all. I went back to the country of my roots (Spain) and experienced a life changing experience. I saw things in life that I had only witnessed in books. I feel blessed to have had such an opportunity

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