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The advantage of being in ‘dorkastra’ (also known as orchestra), were about slim to none. Sure, we gifted individuals had the opportunity to saw away on our noise makers while the neighboring class suffered through the quadratic formula- but I could never honestly say the class impacted my life or gave me a whole new meaning of morality. As sophomore year crept by, rumors of an orchestral trip trickled into our quiet whispers as we rehearsed Safford’s Folk Tune and Fiddler’s Fury.


Images of the possibility of freedom from my parents, a hotel full of friends, and a plane ride that could take me anywhere in the world, fueled my interest for the unraveling mystery of our destination. As rumor became reality, so did my uncontrollable determination to attend such a trip.The trip: New York.The cost: $1000.The benefactors: yours truly. Realizing my desperate state, due to a dry bank account, I immediately found the necessity of what would be my inspiration to go to college- Albertsons.

Underpaid, overworked, I learned quick that jobs were not supposed to be like going to the beach with friends. The consequence of the trip was great, but worth every day of suffering. For three months I was nothing but a zombie with one mission- N.Y.C.

Daily I would wake up at 6a.m.for zero period, leave cross country practice at school around 4:30p.m., go to work for a couple hours, then battle through the night with homework. Yet finally with March around the corner, and money no longer an issue, I quit my job. With so little time left, I fantasized with my would-be roommates what New York City would be like.

My plan was to have the best week of my life in New York- I figured if I was paying so much money, the trip better be worth it. . . And it was.

Going into the airplane with such a positive outlook, there was no way I was NOT going to have a blast. For five days I lived in a dream which seemed to be so unlike my trite life. The towering skyscrapers left me in aw.

My first Broadway sent goose bumps down my spine. The Eiffel Tower dazed me. And the lights- God alone knows how they pay their electric bills.

I was in a state of shock; New York City was so diverse. Never before had I thought much before about other cities outside hometown San Clemente. But there, I realized there was so much going on in the world.

There were so many different kinds of people rushing to work, getting stuck in traffic, honking at pedestrians that I became almost jealous that this city had been kept ‘secret’ from me for so long. Spending those few days there made me realize what I wanted in my life. I always knew I wanted something more than my hometown had to offer, but I just didn’t know what. There, I found an obsession with city life, with diverse culture, and the unfamiliarity of it all. Most importantly I found that I love to travel. There is something so exciting, breathtaking, when one is a stranger touring a foreign land. New York is arguably not ‘foreign’ but to me it is a place of disbelief. In such a diverse area, from the Bronx to Broadway, civilians have united and created a powerhouse of commerce and cultural uniqueness. So, now it’s my senior year. Rumor has it that we are going to New York again this year. Despite an inflated price, after walking in the streets of greatness, nothing can stop me from seeing the ‘city in the clouds’ again.

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