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Going on a cruise was better than I expected. I was sixteen at the time of this cruise. My family arived at the port and I said to my mom, ‘Me and the water are not going to work together…’ She informed me the cruise ship was a wonderful ship, and I was going to LOVE it. 

However, I did not like the thought of being somewhere, and knowing there wasn’t land beyond a certain point. I was told to not worry about, and had to get over my fear quite fast because I was going on this cruise no matter what. My family boarded the ship, and about three hours later I was feeling fine.

I realized later that what my mother had told me was, in fact, the truth. I was loving the cruise by the end of the first night, and could not think of me having to leave in less than four days. The second day came so quick.

I woke up that morning and went to Belize with my family. I snorkeled, swam, and ate. The snorkeling was amazing.

The fish were bright and everything in the water was absolutely beautiful. The water was so clear, and I knew I could swim in it, and not be afraid of sharks or other fish. The water in Belize was so different from the water back home.

The food was also really good. There were four different lines for food. I tried every line and it seemed as if the food just got better and better.

The lines were made up of true authentic mexican food, japanese food, chinese food, and american foods. My favorite was the mexican food. It was very spicy, and made my taste buds quiver.

I made so many friends, and to me that was the most important part of the cruise. I would tell my parents every night, ‘I’m going out with Elisa, Amanda, Allison, Chris, and Tyler.’ My parents new where I was, who I was with, and always new where they could find me. However, my parents only let me go out if I went to dinner as a family every night.

This was understandable because they wanted to make sure I was having fun and really enjoying my cruise experience. During our talks at dinner, my parents would tell me about their day and I would tell them about mine. My parents told me that it sounded as if I had made a new friend everyday, and that my list was getting farely large.

My new friends and I were always in the same place every night, the dance clubs. Of course these so called clubs were for teens, but at that moment in my life I thought these places were the coolest! During these long nights at the club I would dance along with my friends to the music that was played. The music seemed to always be the newest music, and was never played twice. This made the night more intriguing.

The third night was approaching me very quickly, and it was finally my last night. I was very sad because I had to say goodbye to all of my awesome friends. We decided to make the best of it, and we sure did it. We all went dancing, and then decided to do karaoke. Karaoke ended up being the most fun since I had boarded the ship. My friend Elisa and I sang Always and Forever, and we laughed so hard until the muscles in our stomach were very soar.

The next morning I woke up and my stomach was hurting from laughing so much the night before. All of my new friends had decided to meet in the hall and exchanged numbers. Exchanging numbers took longer than expected, but it was purposely longer because we all did not want to leave each other. We cried and promised each other we would keep in touch.

To this day Elisa and I are really good friends, but the other friends I made never kept in touch with me. I am so grateful that my mom talked me into boarding that ship because if I wouldn’t have, then I would have never met Elisa and would have never had such an awesome experience. This vacation was the greatest vacation I have ever taken! This cruise was definately the cruise of a lifetime, and was much better than I expected it could ever be!

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