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About three years ago, I flew alone for the first time to visit my Aunt Sue in Wilsall, Montana. The plane ride was really incredible; I had a window seat and could watch the clouds go by. When I arrived in Bozeman, the airport was very unusual. All around me stood wild animals that had been stuffed and mounted.

Being so enthralled by my surroundings, I completely forgot to look for my aunt! We eventually united, collected my bags and headed towards my aunt’s house in Wilsall. As we were driving towards Wilsall, the scenery fascinated me. It was completely different from Virginia.

I saw many animals I thought I would never see, such as antelope, emus, buffalo and prairie dogs. Most amazing of all were the coyotes, which looked just like regular housedogs. When at last we arrived at Sue’s house, we were greeted by three large Rottweilers. They sniffed me up and down and became my best friends for the rest of my visit.

After getting settled in, Sue told me my Uncle Joe would be home shortly. After dinner, he showed me around the property. I could see mountains all around me. The ground wasn’t flat like you would expect it to be. It was hilly and a little grassy, but mostly covered with sagebrush.

Then, after looking at the property we went to Wilsall. The small town consisted of a post office, a general store, a gift shop, and a small tavern to eat at. The town also had many little houses and a small school that went through all grades. It wasn’t very big, but it didn’t matter because this was where I was going to hang out and meet new people.

As it happened, I spent many afternoons at the school playing basketball with a girl I met named Omega. After I had been there for about a week, Sue and I decided to take some trips. She suggested Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park, Mount Rushmore, and an old ghost town called Bannick. I decided to go to Bannick first and then visit the rest.

That night as I packed, I thought about how exciting this trip would be and how this was an experience of a lifetime. I couldn’t fall asleep. I was so eager to go on all these adventures.The next morning I was on my way to a ghost town. I was really excited to see what it would be like.

When we arrived there it was so interesting. It was as if the town was frozen in time. In the barbershop the chair was still there. In the school, the desks were all in row. The hotel actually looked like someone could still live there. I was really fascinated by the gallows. By the end of the day I was exhausted.

A few days later, we headed out to Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone was by far the most amazing place I had ever been. I saw Old Faithful, as well as many hot springs. These springs are a gorgeous color and are very clear. Although some of them smelled strongly like rotten eggs, others were just plain beautiful. When we were there we saw hundreds of buffaloes, a moose, and some antelope. The buffaloes were walking over the hot springs and I worried they might fall in.

Yellowstone also has an awesome hotel that is all made entirely out of tree branches. It was amazing because when I was in it I felt that I was in an enormous tree house. Shortly after leaving Yellowstone we went to Mount Rushmore. I found this to be the most disappointing place of my trip. I thought seeing it would be exciting but it just wasn’t. You can only walk under it, take a picture and you’re done. There really wasn’t much to see there. I always thought it would be this huge amazing thing but in real life, it is quite small and uninteresting. So after shopping the gift store we left and went back to Sue’s house.

By the time we got back to Wilsall it was nearly time for me to go back home to Virginia. As I packed my things, and I thought about all the great things that I had done while I was there. I had many great pictures and memories that I would never forget. So in the end I thought that by far this was the greatest trip I had ever been on.

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