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Families That Scuba Together, Stay Together

Pop, pop, pop go the bubbles as they hit the surface of the crystal clear water of the Carribean.  My family of four had descended to sixty feet below the surface into a spectacular world known only to a few.  Some forty miles east off the coast of Belize lies the Blue Hole.  Diveing the Blue Hole furnished me with unforgettable memories of my family, sea life and culture.

Always dive with a buddy, in my case three buddies.  As we donned our scuba gear upon the Turneffe Island boat, I felt my heart start to beat faster and faster.  I was so excited to be diving into the perfect aquamarine circle of water that lie in front of us.  I could only imagine what my sister was feeling about her first scuba adventure ever.  Head over heals into the cool water with a splash.  We were in a new world; a world in which we were the strangers.  Dad took the lead like a tour guide.  Mom trailed behind like a mother hen keeping her chicks in a row.  To be able to experience the unknown with your family at your side is beyond words.

A look up into the shimmering rays of sunlight breaking the waters surace highlighted fourteen large gray bull sharks circling.  The eerie feeling of danger did not even enter my mind, I felt completely safe and secure with my family at my side.  A look down through the shifing currents and the movement of the rippling sand uncovered the camouflaged patters of a ray.  upon closer examination of the beautifully colored coral reef, the sea horses, shrimp and sea spiders appeared in magnificent splendor.  The family taps and points to show off a new find that will be categorized for discussion back on the boat, creating memories that will last forever. 

Back on the boat the native boat captain and crew offer us their warm hospitality.  They see that we are well, warm and fed.  They answered so many questions we were unable to ask down below.  Questions about the feeding orange snapper, the length of the eel under the purple coral, and about the school of the largest angle fish ever.  We recall their colorful spirit and hospitality occasionally at home.  We imagine we are back amongst the poor, friendly people of Belize.  We prepare a home cooked meal of sweet potato chips, johnny cackes, and paw paw bread which fills our stomaches but not our yearning to be back amongst the people of Belize. 

My family’s excitement, joy and education upon the Turneffe Island scuba boat to the Blue Hole lasted for hours, days and years to come.  The unforgettable memories of family, sea life and culture will forever be with me.  Like the Blue Hole, my family is one of a kind.  A family that dives together, stays together.  Through murky water, rough tides, or coral caves, my family does it together.  These memories have made a bond within my family that no one can break.  The only breaking being done is of the bubbles as they hit the waters surface, pop, pop, pop.


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