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I’m a sidekick using, computer abusing, shopping is so soothing kind of girl. So when my father asked me if I wanted to take a road trip with him down to Prairie, Alabama for a family reunion I must have been half sleep. There was no way; I mean absolutely no way, that I’d ever agree to do that. I mean, it screamed COUNTRY!!!!! I am as city as city gets. But for some reason, I had agreed to take that day long trip down to Alabama for a week. I mean it couldn’t be that bad, as long as my cell phone worked, and the DSL was hooked up I was all set. Boy was I in for a rude awaking. But before we go there let’s talk about the car ride. It was one I would never forget, being 5’10 with legs a million I needed space to stretch, I didn’t really see that as a problem seeing as how my father has a truck. Apparently my little sister and I had different agendas. She took over that truck like a tyrant rules his country with an iron fist. I was lucky if I could bend my legs a little, let alone stretch them. My tunes and daddy’s wallet of course got me through that ride. Upon arrival we were all hot, sweaty, smelly, and needed to brush our teeth. I was ready to run to that shower like Flo jo ran for the gold! As I entered my aunt’s house she welcomed me with open arms, we hadn’t seen each other in about 10 years so it was emotional for the both of us. Our chat was brief for I needed to shower but we talked as soon as I got out. After our conversation had ended, I was ready to inform my friends that I’d touched down on planet country. When I looked at my phone, my heart nearly sank, I had zero bars. ZERO BARS! What world was this where I had no bars, I mean there was a satellite in the backyard for goodness sake! I was determined not to let this stop me, I located the computer and attempted to log onto AIM. Only one problem, my aunt has dial up. It was way too surreal, if I didn’t have my phone or the computer than what did I have? I anticipated the worst. Now that I reflect upon it I realized I overreacted. I had found lots of things to do. My father gave me a brief driving lesson, we went semi hunting, well my father and little sister went hunting; I stood their giving reasons way guns were horrible. When my older cousins arrived we reminisced about times we’d had together and watched movies. I visited a lot of my family that I hadn’t seen and was received with big, warm open arms. On Thursday and Friday when the reunion finally commenced it was food filled and fun. We danced, laughed, ate and had a good ole time. When it was time to leave, I won’t lie and say that I didn’t want to, because I’d missed the city a lot, but I will say that I am appreciative of the experience. I’d seen my family for the first time in years, met family I didn’t know I had, and realized you didn’t need modern technology to have fun. That’s why I heading back down there this Fourth of July to do it all over again, wish me luck!

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