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     Ever since I was in the fourth grade when I first read about Cleopatra I had always wanted to go to Egypt. The pictures of the ancient pyramids and the temples and hieroglyphics always fascinated me. So when my mom finally bought the tickets to go on a 10 day tour, I was ecstatic. The only problem was that I would have to miss the first 8 days of my sophomore year. I decided to take the chance and went.
      When my mom and I got off the plane, I was all smiles and giggles. I couldn’t believe that I was in Cairo!  We visited temples that were stupendous and after a few days we went on our cruise down the Nile River. When we reached Luxor it was nighttime and my mom and I wanted to have a look around. After a while I was getting tired and wanted to go back to the cruise ship so I asked for the keys to our room and headed back.
     This was a bad idea. The problem was how the ships were “parked.” There’s a long line/row of ships along the shore and they were stationed behind each other so there would be three or four ships in one column. I forgot what ship was in front of ours so I was lost. Alone at night in a foreign country where not a lot of its citizens speak English was pretty terrifying for me. I had a big bag filled with water bottles and I was ready to whack someone across the head with them if need be. 
     I then decided that it would be safer if I walked up on the main road. I was thinking about how my mom would react when she came back to the ship and I wasn’t in the room when this teenage boy asked me if I wanted to buy something. I refused and I guess he saw that I was frantic and asked me if I was lost. I told him the name of my ship and he said he knew where it was. Hesitant about walking with a stranger, I got a stronger grip on my bag. As we were walking he asked me if I was married. Chuckling at the question, I told him I was 15 years old. We kept on talking when I saw my excruciatingly worried mom. I ran to her and she started crying telling me that she thought I was gone and she would never see me again. I told her that I was all right and we headed back to our ship. That experience made my mom and I closer than before and we were even more inseparable throughout the rest of the trip.
     We went to the famous Giza Pyramids and the Sphinx and rode on a camel together. The camel’s breath smelled horrible but it was an experience that I could not miss out on. We rode all around the pyramids and had a great time.
     This trip changed my life and added another country to my list of places that I have travelled to. It made my mom and I closer and gave us unforgettable experiences. From almost fainting from dehydration at the Valley of the Kings to sweating profusely walking inside the pyramids, this trip gave me plenty of stories to tell and I feel exceptionally fortunate to have gone.

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