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           As the last minute rolled over into the four am hour I was awoken by the repetitive sounds of my normal alarm. I was in world of comfort in my warm bed not only because I was accompanied by my large black lab who insisted on snuggling beside me but because it was the middle of July. Begrudgingly I pulled my self out of bed and in a mindless slumber managed my way into the already packed full Suburban. Kicking my way past my two sisters and two dogs I managed to find a comfortable spot in the back seat, and closed my eyes again, this time though the next time I would awake I would no longer be in my California home rather I would be 343 miles in on our 2345 mile journey to Cameron, Montana.

            Each state felt as though it crept slower and slower. The ride was filled with arguing, dogs barking, fighting over radio stations and restaurants and it felt like we would never get there. After the 23rd “are we there yet?” the response we received didn’t register right away because the words” yes, we are here” were out of his mouth, we knew. The yelling immediately ceased and we all looked out our windows in awe. I had never seen that much land in my life and was taken back by the green trees. The roads opened up and the deer stood without fear and looked at us as we passed. The car turned and we crossed a small bridge above the Madison River, where I would soon be spending my days swimming and boating in. It seemed as though the next thirty seconds took too long, I waited anxiously as we pulled up to Cabin 10, my home for the next week. I ripped my seat belt off and pushed past my sister falling over my tiny wiener dog, maybe it was just being stuck in the car or maybe I was just consumed by the view but from the second I put my foot down on the soft earthly grass, I knew I was home.

            I had never felt more free and at place than I did that day. The sky so big and so open with clouds you wanted to bounce on, the river flowing at a rapid pace that you could here from inside my bunk bed in the cabin, and mostly the mountains like I had never seen before. We spent the next four days hiking, exploring and swimming. We caught tap pools and dragon fly’s and went horse back riding. We went to a rodeo and to Yellowstone National Park. As a sixteen year old girl consumed in her own Orange County life style I never thought I would feel so at home here in Montana.

            As my last day came to an end I sat against a large rock barely tipping my toes in the cool water. I resented this trip at first, jealous of my friends who were going to Hawaii and Europe, but as I sat there looking at the pink and purple sunset sky I didn’t want to leave. This trip gave me more than a fun week rather a new grasp on life. I knew I could no longer live in the city and it helped me select colleges I would apply to. I learned to that there is more to my world then my cell phone and Myspace and I learned what peace was, and most importantly I found a new home, in the little city of Cameron Montana.

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