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My name is Ashley Agnos. Last summer, I went on a trip to San Antonio, Texas to volunteer at a camp for disabled children and adults. I spent 3 weeks there. I’m from Sacramento California and I have never been gone from my family for more then a week. My friend Macy Sprock invited me to go with her. Her grandfather started the camp. At first I was not really wanting to go. But then I thought about it and I said I would give it a shot. So i went. We left on a plane on July 7th, 2007. Since her family owned the camp, we stayed there for the weekend before any people started arriving. on Sunday afternoon, all the camp counslers and all the kids attending the camp came. There was so many people I started to freak out. Each counsler got assigned one camper. We had to spend every moment with the camper. Counslers fed them, showered them, put them to sleep, and soend qauliity time with the campers. Each day we got up for breakfast, then we went and cleaned up the cabin that we were assigned, then we went and did a morning activity. The activity varried, we could go swimming, go horseback rising, go canoeing, go to the arts and craftsw building, go to the archery station, or go down to the campfire. Then after that we had lunch, and did another activity, after that we ate dinner, and went to campfire where everyone had marshmellows and told stories and sang songs. By the end of the day all the counslers were worn out, but every seond you spent at camp was worth it. Camp really opened my eyes and it showed me that even though a person is disabled, there still a person. I remember as a kid in elementary school, making fun of of disabled children. But as a young adult when I came to camp, I realized all the challeneges that these disabled kids had to go through. By me stepping into their world for a week made me understand life in their shoes. All the things that we are used to like walking, or holding a pencil, or talking on the phone to our friends, or going to the mall, or going out to see a movie, they are not able to do. You as a counsler understand what their life is like, and by the end of the 3 weeks that I spent there made me open my eyes not just while I was there, but when I got home too. Alot of people say that an expierience like this has changed their life, but when they get home, they go back to their normal life. But my life was ACTUALLY changed when I got home. Now if I see someone in a wheelchair trying to open a door, or need help with something, I will take some time out of my day to help them. All it takes is a few seconds to help them, and I try to help them as often as a I can. If I could say one more thing it would be that I encourage everyone to get out there and volunteer at a camp for disabled kids and adults, because i garuntee by the end of your expierience you will feel like your on top of the world. The feeling that you get by doing this is priceless. I can honestly say my┬álife was changed by this trip.

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