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         In june 12, 2008 my mother and i flew to our home country Panama to visit my long distance family. Panama is a low economy country that has many villages with families that dont have the luxuries that we take for grant. My abuela, which means grandma in spanish, lives in a neighborhood that is somewhat middle class. When i went there to see my family i had just recently gotten out of school, unfortunelty my cousins were just starting school the next week. Its difficult to communicate with my family  since i dont speak fluent spanish. That is because my dad is from flint, michigan and wanted me to learn english first when i was little. I said few phrases ,that i learned in spanish class, to my cousins, which they were inpressed with. 

           I live in michigan , where the winters are freezing and the summers are just right. In Panama the temperature is so high that i couldnt sit out in the sun or i will feel like the sun is sucking the life out of me. Also in Panama it never snows ,however, rains hard everyday, if you go up there in the raining season.

          When I was there ,living with many of my family members in one roof, i tried to help my abuela to keep the house clean by doing things I do here in the states like washing the dishes, making my bed, and moping the floors. No matter what i did it never leveled up with the chores my abuela had to do regularly for the family. Everyday my hard -working abuela wakes early in the morning to cook breakfast for everyone before they went to school or work. Shes been doing this for many years since she had 8 kids .She also takes care of kids that my aunt couldnt take care of. Living in that house felt like a foster home to me.

        In panama, having a car is like having a boat here; not everybody has one. Most people in Panama depend on taxis to get to places. Not too many panamanians have cars, but if they do they usuaslly run a taxi. Also the taxis  are not always yellow. You can buy a car and put a registered label on the side of the car without having the car be yellow. Another way of transportation is by bus, but its not the same buses we are used to too. United states sells old school buses to panama and then they paint them with all kinds of  colors, draw pictures of singers on the back, and customize the insides sometimes and thats the city buses.  Buses like that dont have air conditioning instead they pop open all the windows for ventilation.  They also have buses  that look like Grey Hound buses.luckily they have A/C and some might even have a tv. The local school buses cost $.25 cents and the A/C buses cost $1.25 to ride. My mother wanted to get some dental work done ,since it was cheaper there, and to get to the dentist office it required 2 buses and 2 taxis. Driving around in Panama is scary because they dont have crossing or street lights ,therefore, so you have to be aggressive when you drive on the streets of Panama.

        I enjoyed being there with my family and living with a different culture. Seeing my cousins that i havent seen since i was i kid was the best apart. Watching their tv, living in their house, and eating their food. A culture change is what i needed to be grateful for the small things that people dont appreciate like education and even street lights. Going back to my home town changed my whole appreciation for the second home i have here in the united states of america.

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