The Streets of San Antonio, Texas - My Family Travels
The Streets of San Antonio, Texas
On April 13-19, 2007, my family and I traveled to the marvelous San Antonio, Texas. The trip consisted of: myself, my mother (Keisha), my sister (Nicola), my best friend (Lorilee), my friend (Bianca), Bianca’s mother (Aunt Johann), Bianca’s sister (April), Bianca’s cousins (Tiffany and Mar’keisha), and Bianca’s aunt (Aunt T’mac). Can the word Wow be said? It was five adults, five teenagers, and a baby! This was the first time in a while our families, the one I was born with and the one’s I gained over time, were together for vacation. It was absolute chaos.
Out of the five teenagers present four-myself, Lorilee, Bianca, and Tiffany-were all around the age of sixteen. Given almost total freedom, we brought a rampaging storm to downtown San Antonio. Most mid-age teenagers do not want to be with their families at all, but we let them put up with us for a few times a day. For instance, as a family we visited the Alamo, rode on the riverboat, walked the mall together the first time, rode up the Tower of America, and ate at places like Chili’s. Even though we were all friends, we did not like doing the same thing. Bianca and Tiffany are more the types for the mall, in which they walked for a straight week. While Lorilee and I enjoy scenery more, we walked downtown San Antonio for a week!
Now, my Aunt Johann is always trying to save a buck, which turned in to one of the downsides of the trip. The hotels we acquired came with the price of listening to one of those timeshare “parties”. What happened was, there had been a mix up of rooms. They were supposed to give us two, but some how we only got one. Now, Aunt Johann has a really bad temper. By the time we left, they gave us so many apologies for our trouble, I had to start laughing. Yet, there was nothing we could do, we still had only one room for eleven people, ten of which were women! First hand let it be said it is close to impossible to get a fresh towel and hot water when someone is sharing a hotel room the size of a school closet with ten other people.
One other major event, took place at twelve midnight. My family and I had just come from eating. Lorilee and I were leading the pack. We stopped to let them catch up with us. As we leaned against a rail that led to the boardwalk, a guy in a car pulled over to the side of the road and signaled for us to come over to him. It looked like he was waving money in his hand. Frozen with fear, we looked at each other, and were about wave him away, but he took off because a police car started honking for him to get out the way! Lesson for the month. Do not lean on walls at nighttime, you might be mistaken for something or someone you’re not.
The city I live in is not a metropolis, but it is also not that small. There are not too many areas where beggars are openly seen at all times. I know there are people with out homes, food and clothing. As a child exploring the streets of New Orleans, and now as a teenager it is obvious not everyone has homes. Still, it is hard to see all these people with nothing, while you are on “vacation”. There were people struggling to get money from rich tourists. Now you never know someone’s situation and how they got in that position. Some are hoax’s, quick way to make money, prying on guilty tourists’ conscience. Most though are generally poor. It changed the side of me that’s use to having at least a little money. Now I try to save money, just in case something happens. So I can never be in that situation with people looking at me with pity in their eyes. More than once this change of saving money has come in handy already, and it will come in handy in the future also. That I am sure.
All in all that was a very nice spring break vacation. Beautiful days, historical buildings, oversized mall, flea market, Tower of America, cute boys… Oh yeah and my family to they also made it a nice vacation. In which was one of the best ways to spend a week.

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