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A trip mixed with laughter, and sometimes wanting to scream.  My mom and I were visiting my father in Oaklahoma who was on business.  Neither of us had flown before.  I was hesitant of flying.  I still was excited about going to a new place.  This trip I went through a lot fo bizzare things even for us!  

  We left early in the morning so we could be there an hour before our flight.  My grandparents took us.  On our way my grandpa got caught doing 45 in a 35. ( theres a story there).  Mom and I couldn’t help but laugh or wait to tell my dad.

  At the airport we were checking our bags at security.  I put mine at the back of the line, but an employee yelled at me to give it to him.  I didn’t like him yelling at me, but i gave it to him nicely.  Once through security and on the plane I was extremely nervous.  I listened closely to the flight attendant give safety instructions.

  Takiing off I kind of liked it.  I watched out the window the whole way.  The lights at night, the clouds, and Chicago itself.   I’d never been to Chicago or Illinois.  It was cool to see it and Lake Michigan.  From there to Oaklahoma city the land from the sky looked flat and in squares.  We drove straight to Ardmore from there.

  Our next day there my mom and I toured a pretty cool musem for action figures in a small town in the middle of nowhere.  The next day my dad took us to Texas.  Another place I had never seen.  Car race fan, had to see the Texas Motor Speedway.  I saw long horns at the Stockyard in Dallas. 

  The funninest thing was at a BestBuy.  It was rainning hard.  My dad went to get the car.  He pulled up, I started for the door, and was cut off by this guy that jumped in.  Dad looked strange at him, and said I think you are in the wrong car.  We laughed about that all day.  After visiting the guitarcenter of Dallas we headed for the hotel to pack for our return trip.

  Next day on our way to the airport we went to see the memorial of the Oaklahoma City bombing.  I saw something I had only heard stories of.

  We were on our way to another uneventful flight.  Wrong!!!  All flights on United were cancelled going North and East because of storms.  United was very nice and got us 2 tickets on Delta to Alanta.  It would be delayed a little bit.  Since flight time, airline, and destination changed we were PLEASE STEP ASIDE SEARCHES!   After we were delayed 8 hours we were on our way to Atlanta being told that was as far as we were going , because of delays and cancellations.  We could not get a flight till morning.  My night was spent reading and sleeping on the Atlanta terminal floor.  It was kind of funny and exciting.

  Morning came our flight took us back to Columbia, home(thanks to my grandparents again), and a soft bed.  The end of our great adventure.  I hope for many more.  Short version.  We experinced everything but the plane crashin,and our luggage didn’ get lost!


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  • guitar01

    I hope everyone can take the kind of trips that our family has had. Hot spots are not really our thing. I am graduating this year and going to school for recording arts and entertainment business management. I hope that after I finish that I can get a job that lets me see more of the world. It’s not the places though that make the trip it’s who you are with. Believe me traveling with my parents and friends is the best. I have set in a hurricane on the panhandle of FLA that was truly scary and funny to. We were visiting friends there and the hurricane was suppose to go up through Mobile and north. It sat there in Mobile bay for 24 hours waiting on us. We were on a barrier island. Someone did not think it was coming our way and did not evacuate the island. Our house was on stilts. We arrived at 5:30 the hurricane arrived at about 6:00.
    This made going to bathroom and sleeping in a new catagory. We rocked all night. You could not stay out side for long because of the blowing sand. Up side sand blew so hard it uncovered alot of change on the beach. Discover your on back yard. todobigo traveling with this crowd is not only fun it’s down right dangerous sometimes.

  • hey nathan,
    i want to travel with you, cause you’d make me laff!

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