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One summer vacation I’ll never forget is the trip my family and I took to Idaho. That trip was loaded with many different “firsts” for me. Many of these firsts are things some people never get to try such as white-water rafting, tubing down a river, and dirt biking. A few days after we had arrived at our friend’s house, we decided to go white-water rafting. Our white-water rafting instructor was a good one because he always had a joke to share. One of his rules was, “If you call the paddle an oar, I’m going to throw you out of the raft”. During the rafting trip our instructor told us we were going to do a trick by making our raft go up the side of a huge rock and then slide back down. We attempted this trick and right about the middle of the trick things didn’t go as we had planned. Everyone fell out of the raft except for my brother Tyler and his best-friend Zach. When I fell in, the water was really cold because the river mostly comes from a glacier. While I was in the water my mom helped remind me to keep my paddle close to me. I was floating along when my legs started hitting big rocks under the water, but then Zach pulled me back into the raft. After we were all safely back in the raft, our instructor informed us that the “trick” was on us. He had pulled that maneuver to get us into the water. The “trick” was perfectly pulled off. This first of mine was a lot of fun, but it had a flare of the dangerous.

Later, we went tubing down the Boise River. We started at a certain spot in the river with a few other people but eventually our groups were separated, and it was just me and my family. The water in this river was also cold, but after a while I got used to it. The surrounding trees were nice but what really made it fun was when we went down small rapids in our tubes. That was the part my dad didn’t like because he had to hold onto the raft that my two little sisters were in. This first was also fun but the best one was the dirt biking.

 Near the end of our trip, my family and our hosts decided to go camping next to a river. Our camp wasn’t near any bathrooms so we had to dirt bike to get to the bathroom. Being short, I had trouble getting on and off of the dirt bike. Sometimes I would get on, put up the kick stand then fall over. Everyone would laugh. Other times I would brake, and then I would fall over. Other than falling over; one time I was riding in tall grass when all of a sudden I see in front of me a slanted tree stump. It was so sudden I had no time to react. I hit it, and ramped a foot into the air. I nearly lost control but managed to hang on. Soon after the camping trip was over, we left Idaho for home. Idaho has a soft spot in my heart because of the adventurous things I tried. It showed me that “I came, I tried, I conquered” some very scary things. My fear lost out, and I will carry this lesson into my future. I will never forget that trip of “firsts” because I spent it with my family.

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