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Walking through the sand, barefooted, with the sand grains beneath my toes I followed the anxious group of teenagers. My family and I had taken a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas and to the Disney private Island. My sister and I were part of the Teenage Outdoors Group while on Disney’s Island. My sister and I were all excited about getting to go kayaking in the clear, blue ocean not knowing the adventure that we were going to be getting ourselves into. Our first troubles began within ten minutes of walking onto the beach. We began arguing because we could not carry this massive, long green kayak to the shore of the ocean.  After arguing for quite some time on how we would manage to get this kayak down to the ocean’s shore, we decided to drag upon the sand’s surface. I had a sigh of relief after we had managed to drag the kayak to the shore. As soon as we had accomplished one problem another began. We then had trouble pushing the kayak into the water because of the current of the water. I was absolutely exhausted once my sister and I were finally situated in the kayak. The kayak instructor had previously told us that we needed to row at the same time and at the same strength or we would just go in circles. My sister and I assumed that kayaking would be simple and we didn’t need any further instructions. Within five minutes we had given up and frantically began yelling for our instructor to come and help us. We were frantically yelling because we were headed for “Shark Island”! Shark Island was a breeding ground for sharks. After we started panicking we could no longer focus to row our kayak back to shore. The instructor kayaked over to us to begin to calm us down. He calmed us down and then tried to get us on the right path to row back to shore. I was still distracted by being near Shark Island that I could not even row correctly. Due to my inability to row correctly my sister and I began to just move in circles.  My sister became frustrated with me and the instructor could see her anger in her face. The instructor asked which sister was the oldest and I happily spoke up and told him I was the oldest. The instructor’s response was that I might be the oldest but my sister definitely got all the brains. I was so insulted that he told my sister that she was the smarter one. After being insulted, I begged him to tow us back to shore because I was finished with the kayaking adventure. The instructor was not very happy that he had to tow us all the way back to shore because he told us that he had not planned for such a strenuous workout that evening! 

            After looking back on this kayaking adventure, I have come to realize that teamwork can make a situation that seems impossible at the time possible. If I would have calmed down and communicated with my sister then we could have made it back to shore twenty minutes earlier and been away from Shark Island much quicker. I am thankful for that adventure because I am now aware of how important teamwork and working with others can be.

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