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 The summer was in its peak and the air was ripe with life. The last golden rays of sunlight greeted me and kissed my knees, elbows, and fingertips gently. A faint breeze curved through the air, playing round my neck and snaking through my hair. I dug my feet into the sand, baked soft and warm by the Mediterranean sun, listened to the constant ebb and flow of the crystalline waters. The water came, gaining speed, and finally reared and crashed onto the shore in another wave, then slunk back into itself.

The sea never ceases. It pulses with life and runs continuously. I walked down to the sea’s edge, dipping my legs and feet in the water that swished and moved about my legs. Looking out onto the vast blue expanse of water, I felt as though I was a part of the sea. The sapphire waves tickled my skin, brown from the smiling sun, and I heard a bird call. Turning my head to a rosy sky, I looked up to see it soaring over me, calling to me.

Under the dying sun, stretched over the soft bed of sand, my life stopped. Or perhaps it ceased altogether, I cannot say. I was no longer a person fleeing from civilization, but a part of the earth itself, one of the sparkling grains of sand that held my frame. The frantic whirl of life escaped me. Essays, deadlines, car horns, exhaust fumes, screams, tears, ran out through my nose with each beautiful exhale. I was no longer living my life. I felt myself flowing into something far greater, far superior to the menial bothers of my own life on earth. I was part of the sand, I was a blade of sea grass, a ripple in the ocean, but all at once I was also so far from where I had been. Something had gone, or something had awakened, and I knew naught else as the sky painted itself with slight breaths of pink and yellow.

Urban life had suffocated me. My mind is eternally cluttered with stressors and life goals and assignments and second thoughts. But for that beautiful period on vacation, I was free from it all. I had fled from the molds of society and the demands of life at home to a profound freedom. I was at peace with everything: those around me, the earth, and most importantly, myself. I was there, wholly and beautifully as I am, not feeling I needed to be more attractive or intelligent or braver or stronger. The glossy magazines and flashy ads faded into nothing, and I was left with utter peace of mind.

Why are we constantly forcing ourselves into something we do not want? Why must we go a certain way? There on the beach I was doing simply what I wanted, ruled solely by intuition. Rules of any sort evaporated. They fell into the sea and were lost with the crashing of the next wave. My mind purified itself and my fingers ran through the playful waves as they lapped at my toes. As the sun bled a trail across the sky and the wind curled and twisted gently, the birds went back to their homes as the scene changed. The waves, however, continued their steady beat. They come, splash, and suck in- a constant ebb and flow. Though my old life pulled me home with increasing urgency, the waves continued to beat. To their steady rhythm I had gained my own stability, setting my life to the soft natural rhythm of the earth. 

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