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There are certain moments in life where we wish we could pause and play over and over again for the rest of our lives. In my seventeen years of living, I finally found the true happiness and bliss that comes in accordance with family. The bond I shared with my mother’s side of the family this past summer is a bond which will forever soften my heart. The joy of my uncle’s singing, along with the scrumptious food provided by my aunts, and the laughter my cousins and I shared is something I will never forget. Therefore, the most memorable and joyful trip I have taken with my family was this past summer when we went to New Jersey for our family reunion. This trip made me believe in unity, love, and happiness.

     First of all, my trip to New Jersey was incredible memorable because it taught me more about the concept of unity. When my family and I arrived at my uncle’s suburban home in New Jersey we were greeted by my mother’s entire side of the family which consisted of her nine brother’s and sisters, their wives and husbands, and their children. All together we were 45.Together we all lived in my uncle’s home for one week. Although the house was somewhat large, the amount of people there made the house completely crowded, especially since the little ones were vibrant, and the teenagers were talkative. Although not everything was perfect and there were little arguments about taking to long to use the bathroom, or not cleaning up, we all stuck through it and helped each other out when it came down to keeping the house orderly. Despite the little bickering we all managed to come together as a family.

    Next, my trip to New Jersey was extremely memorable because it showed me what love was. After not seeing my family for so long, tears poured from my eyes the moment I ran into their arms. I have felt love before with my immediate family, but I never realized I felt so strongly about my mother’s family.  It was a connection I felt the moment my cousins and I could relate to the various ways our parents disciplined us as children. Although my family and I had only met a couple of times in my life I felt I could tell them anything and be my complete self around them .My four year old cousin especially touched my heart. She told everyone in the house I was her favorite and would miss me tons.

   Finally, my trip to New Jersey was very memorable because it showed me what the realist form of happiness was. My whole life, I have stressed about everything. This trip made me forget about everything and make me feel like I was on cloud 9. All my troubles were left in Miami and I could finally enjoy myself to the fullest and live life. I don’t recall laughing so hard or singing so loudly, or dancing crazily. A smile never left my face and my family always made sure it stayed there. I woke up every morning with a burst of energy and enthusiasm to start the day.

    To conclude, my trip to New Jersey was the most unexpectedly wonderful trip I have ever taken. Not only have learned so much about my family, but I have learned a lot about myself. The memories will last me a lifetime, and every second with my family I will cherish because I have learned that life is too short, and time with loved ones is limited.


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