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          I always thought that when people go on vacation, they escape troubles at home, get away from the nagging at work, and want to get alone time.  Everyone tends to go somewhere extravagent and blisfull, and expect to have the best time wherever they are.  I was one of those people; this August on the twentyth, I decided to go on vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  I could just invision being out on the beach house, watching, listening to the waves slide up and down the shore, and watching the diamonds floating, twinkling in the water.  I remember feeling not a care in the world.  This was going to be the best trip I had ever went on, or at least I thought it was.

          After arriving at the beach house I had rented out for the week, I decide to go out into town to purchase food for friends coming over later that night.  Of course I’m in a hurry, and so I am speeding down the road that leads to the grocery store.  It happened before I even had time to think; a car cut across in front of me, causing a wreck to occur, and me to go into a freenzy.  I remember not getting a scratch from the car, but suddenly, the airbag come bursting out, knocking me sideways, and giving me whiplash.  Rubbing my neck, I kicked open the passenger door, and heard sirens echoing down the street.  An ambulance came racing up beside my vehicle.  Two men jumped out, placed me on a board, and lifted me up into the ambulance.  I seemed fine until they placed a neck brace on me, and forgot to strap my board to the truck.  I felt like a marble rolling across a hardwood floor; the ambulance raced forward, as I slid towards the doors in the back, the neckbrace beginning to choke me.  The rescuer pulled me forward and began trying to numb my arm so as to inject fluids into me.  Pounding two fingers on my arm, I eventually went numb in the spot, and the needle and fluids were pumped into me.  Still, I swayed back and forth, this time with an oxygen mask shooting oxygen into my eyes; after getting the needle in me, the rescuer placed an oxygen mask on me to help with my breathing.  I didn’t know eyes had lungs?

          Eventually, after dealling with the driver running over every bump on the highway, I make it to the nearest hospital and am examined for any damage in my neck.  Thankfully, all went well, and I was released that night to go back to the beach house.  I learned that first day of my trip, that life is too short, and can be over in a split second.  I learned that we must all be careful, be cautious of our surrounding, and always take your time with things.  No need to try and rush through things in life, what fun would life be then?  Although me hoping to be able to lay out, and just enjoy the ocean didn’t work out, what did work out was me being able to stay away from home and just get away from things, and learn more about life in general.  Learning those few things mentioned ealier, is worth more than any trip someone could ever offer me.  If anyone was to ever get in this kind of situation, I would hope they saw those points,  and didn’t forget to call dad instead of the ambulance.  It doesn’t matter what trips we go on in life, but what does matter is that these same points will be waiting there for someone; I just hope someone sees these points before they get in a wreck heading to pick up some doughnuts for a few friends.

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