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The long, temperate summer of June 2009 is when it all began, when I hopped on a flight to Florence, Italy to visit my family. I was so excited the day of my departure because there was something about this trip that I felt was going to make this a memorable vacation. My flight was long and dreadful, but I finally arrived to my destination after eighteen hours. My grandma had been at the airport waiting for me when I arrived and then we drove straight to her house! In her house developments there are about sixteen teenagers my age that were all waiting to meet me.  When we arrived the first person I had met was the girl that lived upstairs and her name was Noemi! She had to have been the sweetest girl I had ever met. She then took me to “the circolo”, which is a little area where all the teenagers from that complex like to hang out with each other, to meet everyone else. There was a ratio of nine boys to six girls, who welcomed me with open arms. As days went on I spent more and more time with this group of teenagers, and since I was the new girl in town all the guys seemed to notice me a lot more than normal. That is, all except one in particular that did the complete opposite. While all the other guys clung to me, he sat far away minding his own space. This factor really started to attract my interest, though it seemed like he wanted nothing to do with me. A week later I was hanging out with about five people from the group and we decided to go lay out a blanket in the “pista”, which is a platform in the complex that they go to lay down and look at the stars. While we were all there he and I actually started to talk just the two of us and before we knew it the rest of our friends had disappeared, it was the most obvious set up ever! We ignored it, but out of nowhere as we were talking he leaned into kiss me, which was the most unexpected thing ever! From that moment on I had become completely attached to this boy, just as he had to me. We spent every waking minute together, from the time we woke up to the time we went to bed.  We had the best times together.  We didn’t agree on much, in fact we didn’t agree on anything at all. We challenged each other and we fought almost every day but in the end we never managed to stay mad. It was true love and we both knew it from the moment we laid eyes on each other. We spent the four most amazing weeks together and then came the last night. We were in shock and had no idea what to do. We were devastated and cried all the tears we had in us. We both knew this day was coming, we just never believed it. We spent our last hours together and before we knew it the night came to an end and it was time to leave. We all said our last goodbyes and that was it, the next morning was departure. “Summer romances begin for all kinds of reasons, but when all is said and done, they have one thing in common. They’re shooting stars, a spectacular moment of light in the heavens, a fleeting glimpse of eternity, and in a flash they’re gone” -The Notebook.









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