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In June of 2008, I went on a missions/relief trip with a small group of teens and adults alike to a small city in Mexico. While we were there, we helped refurbish a church among other things, but it was a little boy at an orphanage called Casa Hagar that melted my heart.

This little boy is 3 years old. His name is Angel. He has no eyes and is therefore blind. He’s also very hard of hearing and doesn’t talk. When he first came to Casa Hagar, he couldn’t walk, his eyes were completely crusted over, he had parasites, was extremely malnourished and had a large bloated stomach. It took them 2-3 months just to clean him up.

The first day we went to the orphanage, Angel was sitting alone off away from the other kids. I went over and just sat with him for a while, gave him a pad of paper and a crayon and he scribbled around a bit. I then noticed that there was a sound that sounded like the music of an ice cream truck, and as soon as he heard it he cheered up; he could somehow make out the sound.

We came back again the next day and completely devoted ourselves to that little boy. We had a guitar with us, so we strummed it by his ear, and strummed it with his hand. He was absolutely enthralled with drumming on it and strumming it and making any kind of sound or music. By the end of that day we had gotten a few more smiles out of him.

By the end of the third day, that little precious baby was attached to us. The entire day we walked around holding his hands and put a cold water bottle against his face, and i cant even put into words the joy that little boy had from those simple little things; he wouldn’t stop smiling or laughing! Talk about the innocence and joy of a child!
That little boys life includes him sitting there alone, not being able to see and hardly being able to hear, hardly able to get around on his own, getting picked on by the other kids, some of the women just have him hold on to the back of their shirts and they drag him around all day, this little boy is basically ignored and neglected every moment of his life. And all it took was us to sit with him, sing to him, love on him, hold his hand and walk around with him, put a cold water bottle against his face, and pay attention to him to brighten up his entire life!!

Being at that orphanage showed me how extremely selfish I am. Those kids were all dropped off by their parents there because they didn’t want them, couldn’t afford to take care of them, or because they’re in jail. They have no one besides each other. They go to school and do their homework. Eat food that is quiet frankly not very good. And entertain and take care of them any way they can. All it took was us paying 5 minutes of attention to these kids for you to physically see it changing them. I cant even put it into words.

Everyone keeps telling me ‘welcome home’; well, we all know the saying ‘home is where the heart is’, and therefore I am not home. My home is at Casa Hagar. With my precious baby Angel. I will never forget those kids. They will be in my heart always, and a part of me always.


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