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I sat ominously in a place way across the waters from my luminous Florida home. I sulked around in a house, that was always cold at night, and the weather conditions outside the doors were always murky and depressing.  The sun was also miserable, it would slink off at 3:00 in the afternoon, letting darkness come at around 4, shortening any plans to sight see because the country roads where to dark to travel in. “This is an opportunity many of your friends would wish for, “my mom would snap at me when she would see me staring long-faced at my phone, which wouldn’t let me call or text anyone outside a 3 foot radius of me.  I was surrounded by tea in the morning, breakfast, and night. All the commercials on TV seemed to be about perfume, and the thing that still gives me chills now, the McDonalds in England is a complete health turnaround from the greasy fats of America’s dollar menu.
As the trip progressed, I realized how fortunate I actually was.

One day out of the monotonous two weeks I spent in England, my parents decided to wake us up early and take us to a “surprise”. As I sat watching all the cows and grass I could muster out the car window, my mom chatted amiably with my dad about how exited she was that the family can see something so marvelous. As hours passed we found ourselves stuck in traffic on a very long country road. “What’s the hold up? A cow got of the pasture?” I thought to myself as I craned my neck to see what the commotion was. As my eyes adjusted to the dreary landscape I saw standing majestically at least a mile away from me, where these monuments, just standing in the middle of a grassy plain.  What was special about these monuments was that they are years of scientific mystery, years have passed them by and they still stand. Years of history have whispered on them, and they still stand. The cause of the traffic was that cars were slowing down to be in the presence of Stonehenge, and I was in complete awe.

You can never comprehend history, it is amazing how people have lived and breathed on this planet. People, who have fought wars, filled the world with their good deeds and some with their sins. People who have polluted their existence on this planet with lust, love, war, hate, and pride.  But unlike this monument, those people have died away, faded into memories and textbooks. But Stonehenge still stands to this day.
As I got out the car and looked at this tall marvelous wonder, I couldn’t help but think how amazing the whole world is and how things tie in together. Countless years ago a girl probably my age sat here and played under the shade of these rocks, and here I am, in my coat from the mall, with my iPod in my ears, staring at this massive creation. Generations have passed between me and the girl that probably sat here, or the tribe that found shelter here. I stood in the presence of history; I wished I could reach out and touch that tribe or that girl that had been here so long ago. As we got in the car to leave, I longed to look back and see on the grass footprints of time, footprints of history.

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