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“Shut up!”

“You Shut up!”

The wheels of the bus droning.

The hum of the TV that’s been going non-stop for the past 27 hours.

The group of girls in the back giggling the entire way.

The parent-chaperone snoring, passed out like it’s no problem.

The bathroom door repeatedly whooshing open and slamming shut.

And oh the wonderful aromas coming from that one bathroom for 60 people to use.

A plethora of mp3 players blasting music, not a single airwave silent.

Paralyzed by luggage and bodies every inch I move.

I’m beginning to feel claustrophobic.

          Senses overloaded yet? Well, a 27-hour charter bus ride from Iowa to Orlando, Florida will do that to you. This is exactly what I did the summer of 2008 when the high school band and orchestra decided to take to two buses, and 120 people on this trip of a lifetime to Disney World, of course!

Tip one: when you stop for a bathroom or food break utilize it!

          On this strenuous trip I felt as though I’d acquired several health problems, my bum almost to the point of obtaining bed sores from sitting so long, not to mention the threat of blood clots. My leg circulation was awful cramped up in that tiny cubicle of “space”. I felt like I had Restless Leg Syndrome, and those are just a few.

Tip two: Come with your thinking cap and imagination!

          A 27 hour bus ride provides a lot of free time to make up new games to kill time. That is if you don’t want to spend the entire ride sleeping or watching 8+ movies. From experience, one can’t even hear the movies, and no one wants to be repeatedly pranked for sleeping the entire time.

Tip three: Choose your roomies wisely.

           With a full week together, one should choose someone who’ll be able to forgive and forget. Because a week in which the possible heat exhaustion is the only thing talking, things can’t get, well, heated.

Tip four: Come prepared for anything, especially the new climate.

           As mentioned before one should avoid letting the heat or cold get to them to the point of snapping. Or even worse getting sick and being marooned in the hotel for the rest of the trip. Keep hydrated, always have sun block handy and wear the appropriate clothing and shoes for that day’s activities.

            One will learn this lesson quick, especially if your roommate happens to wear old, worn-out flip flops to the amusement park and that’s all one hears about the entire day is how much their feet hurt. Plus seeing the gruesome blisters and sunburn they’ve attained by the end of the day. She hobbled around the rest of that trip, particularly when we had to march in the two-mile, Disney parade the very next day. It’s safe to say she learned her lesson.

Tip five: Have fun!

          Finally, be carefree, do your thing! The more I let loose, the more fun I had. No one wants a party pooper to ruin a vacation so don’t let anyone! If someone’s giving off a negative vibe, get away from them. You don’t want their bad attitude to plague anyone else. No one should bring you down. It’s your trip do it like you picture it! Never hold back, just relax and soak up the sun and memories!

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