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The brisk air rushes past my figure as I the metal I am standing on shakes and quivers. Through the cargo mesh I can see a man with a parachute looking at me with a strange curiosity. I cautiously look around and see that I am in a plane and the breeze is actually the back hatch of the plane being completely open. My eyes explode out of my face with anxiety and I feel the crush of my fear intensify as I hear a few words that to this day pain me to hear. “JUMP!” said the man that I just realized I was strapped to and he flung himself out of the plane with me holding on helplessly. As I flew helplessly at the mercy of gravity I heard a quite beeping getting louder and louder. I woke up in a reckless manner and hit my alarm clock until it turned off.

            Today was the day that any fear of heights would be exposed. This was the day I was going to go to Tamorack Resort with my mom and go zip lining! I woke up late but still managed to get ready before my mom. We left late and arrived early which to this day is miraculous to me.

            We were quickly briefed on how to put on our gear, how to stay alive, and of course to have as much fun as possible. Although the ride in the bus to the top of the mountain was boring, I anticipated that the way we were getting down would be much more eventful as the evening unfolded… and I was right.

            As I zipped down the first line only 10 feet from the ground I laughed at how easy it was to get across and then wondered, will I have the last laugh? I hit the pad with my feet to stop myself and stood straight up. I asked the instructor if it would be getting any better, and he said that this has only just begun. I swallowed the lump in my throat and waited for the rest of my group to come across.

            The next zip line was scary, not because it was fast or far from the ground, but because the increase in speed and height was ominous and foreshadowing of what was to come. I strapped myself and went across without much of a hitch and soon departed for the next zip line.

            I was not ready for this one as I stood on the edge of a three hundred foot cliff and for the second time that day I heard the word I wanted to hear least “JUMP!” From a second of two hesitation I was pushed out over the three hundred foot drop. Luckily my harness did its job and let me sail across to the other side.

            I landed on a platform at the top of a swaying tree about two hundred and fifty feet from the ground where I contemplated all sanity of nature loving and thrill seeking that I had been pursuing. The platform swayed and groaned as I maneuvered in to position to get off the other side and zip down to solid ground. All of the other zip lines had a running start and a gradually decreasing incline where your feet would lift off the ground, this one however… did not. One steep off of this tree house was a two hundred and fifty foot drop to the ground without a parachute. Understanding this I decided to go first and get it over as quickly as possible. I jumped and let the cable catch me. While feeling the rush of cool air I glanced over and let my eyes get enchanted by the beautiful sunset elegantly refracted off the water that was now visible. This was truly the prettiest sight I had ever seen. You can assume that I did make it to the other side and land gently for the simple reason that I am writing this now.

            I learned that there is no one crazier than my mom, but more importantly that the toughest experience is the one that you are most afraid of. When you take away the fear by doing something crazy, your mind is clear to think and make just decisions even through trials. I know that there is nothing that I can’t handle in my every-day life after I jumped out of a platform in a tree relying on only my harness, the cable, and my God to keep me safe.


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