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I thought about explaining my “Once-in-a-lifetine” travel experience over seas or describing my adventure to walk the Golden Gate Bridge, but then I realized that I had a much more entertaining story!  I want to tell the story of a road trip that two friends and I decided to take, on a whim must I add, to the beacc on Memorial day in 2008.  The excitement that we anticipated was undearable…Driving OURSELVES on the exhilarating four lane I-40 interstate, the wind blowing in our hair, music as loud as my speakers could pump, and nothing but a road map to get us there!  Then reality hit.  Trips aren’t so easy when you aren’t louning on your pillow while playing a game of “I spy” with your little sister, ha!  It was 3:15 AM as we pulled out of the driveway screaming the lyrics to Taylor Swift’s “Picture toBurn,” and we thought life could not get any better.  There were no parents to tell us what to do, no boys to hurt our hearts, and it was one hundred and twenty percent GIRL TIME.  A few songs, a gas stop, and a bathroom break later we realized that this whole “Beach Trip” was taking much longer than we had planned on, not to mention…We were lost.  We had previously decided that it would be a good idea to ask  one of our family friends for a bit of directional advice.  She said that she knew of a fantastic little inlet on the coast where you could see right to the bottom, and that it would only take about twenty more minutes to get there.  If you uasked me today what I thought about this wonderful little spot, I would tell you that “IT DOESN NOT EXIST.”  After three more hours of trying to find this crystal clear oasis, which was supposed to be located on the North Carolina coast, we ended up in South Carolina?  To add to the irony of the situation, at one point we actually ended up on “Mt. Misery.”  Mt. Misery is a small road lacated in the middle of nowhere that we were oh so luck enough to find on our journey, and thanks to modern day technology we were even able to capture a lifelong lasting photograph!  Six hours later, afeter a lot of huffing, puffing and laughing until we couldn’t breathe at what was happening, we started to see evidence of familiar civilization thanks to our handy dandy glove compartment sized road map.  FINALLY, we had made it to a small family beach called Ocean Isle where we had taken a few family vacations.  It was time to soak up the sun, lay in the sand, and even run from a few visiting ocean critters.  After all of the driving we decided to stay on the beach for as long as possible before starting the trip back home. Bad idea.  Even after multiple reapplications of fifty Spf sunscreen we could definitely “feel the burn” as soons as we sat down on the seats in my car that now felt like sandpaper against the back of our legs.  Once we arrived back at the house that night, I was just as excited if not more excited to be home as when we had left that morning.  It may seem like this was an awful experience: Being in the car more than on the beach, getting lost (numerous times), looking like a lobster for the next eight days at school, stopping five thousand times because “Guys I’ve got to use the bathroom”, and having the BESTposture of your life for an entire trip home because you were not going to let your burnt back touch the seat.  But I am not going to lie, five thousand out of the five thousand times that we had to stop to use the bathroom were because we were laughing so hard.  This trip taught me a few life lessons: Maps are a dream come true, start applying sunscreen thirty minutes before you even THINK about going out in the sun, do not call family friends for directions :), and that you know you have good friends whe you can have the worst travel experience of your life and make it the best.  If you’ve got a few close friends and the urge for an adventure like ours, I would totally recommend a one day road trip to the beach. Hands down!

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