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      A school Field trip was coming up; everyone wanted to sign up as unusual including me. Everyone was talking and saying how fun and exciting it was going to be. It was going to be a three day field trip. We were going to miss three days of school. On the plus side we were happy,  no school, a kids dream but unfortunately we would have to make up any tests and homework assignments so that could be a drag. Well no one was worried about that. We were all focused on the trip. We were going to Camp Parks in Dublin, CA. It was an JROTC (Junior Reserved Officers Training Corps) class field trip.

     We arrived at camp about 7:00pm. I could see the all the obstacles courses and repel towers outside the bus windows; it looked like a lot of hard work. I kept asking myself what have i gotten myself into. We all began to load off the bus and we all had barrack partners, they gave us time to unpack and then we all headed to the mess hall to eat. After the mess hall the instructors gave us time to do our homework and all the girls began to introduce ourselves to each. Next thing you know it they were telling us lights out. The next morning I woke up in a shock I heard sirens ringing and the ringing pierced my ears, people were yelling at us to get up, “rise and shine” they would say. We all had to get dress in our ACU uniforms and head out side to do PT (physical training). They told us it was morning but the moon was still out and the sky was still dark as night. My body felt drained and worn out I felt like I had two hours of sleep. Let alone we still had to do PT. PT seemed endless all the running, push-up’s, sit-ups, yelling and screaming seemed endless. The moment when I just wanted to collapse is when they said, “do you guys want to play foot-ball.” You should of seen the looks on our faces we felt so relieved. I was like “thank goodness.” But anyways we split into teams and played football it was really fun, a lot better than what we were doing so I didn’t complain. After we were done the sun was barely coming up, we went into our barracks to take showers. A shower is what I needed, I felt so sore my muscles felt so tight, plus i was out of shape so it made matters worse. We went to the mess hall for break fast and after we returned to the barracks for home work which lasted about two hours. Then we headed out to the obstacle courses.

As we were getting paired into team I looked at each obstacle course they seemed to start out easy and then become a lot harder and harder. The instructors scattered the different teams all around Camp Park. my team approached our obstacle courses first we had tires in front of us we jumped in each one, next was the barb wire fence where we had to crawl under, after that was the rope swing, then we had to climb over a bunch of walls. By then we were huffing and puffing then our instructor gives us a stretcher and tells us we have to carry one of our comrades and the scenario is that they got hurt. we have a five man team Meaning that one person goes on the stretcher and then others carry the four ends. Well we picked the lightest person in our group Nan Twig. We had to go through more obstacles with her weight also it was tiring and some obstacles we didn’t know how to get her over it like a wall or tubes and we started arguing and yelling at each other we became so tired and frustrated that we forgot about our mission and we almost gave up until, I took charge. I told everyone that we should get along and be a team and have each others back. I also told them that this is our first time doing this so it’s not going to be perfect and that were all gaining new experiences together and that we always need to be on a positive note and encourage each other every step of the way. This motivated my team and we became motivated and completed our obstacle course. At the end we didn’t care if we won a medal or not or we didn’t care that we got last place either, because we accomplished way more and that’s perseverance by not giving up even when the going got tough, working together, communicating and most of all helping each other, and how everyone gave it their all even though it felt like we had nothing left.  This experience taught me a lot I though camp was going to be a piece of pie but it wasn’t it was a lot of work. But who said everything is going to be easy. This experience built up my my leadership traits and my character I wasn’t even the appointed leader of the group yet I spoke up and told the group what was on my mind and it helped us a lot. I learned that I will face a lot of hectic situations and not just at camp, but in everyday life and I will feel like I want to give up some days, but I learned that it’s just a mental game and you have to get past that in order to succeed.



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