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Growing up my mother and I where inseparable, I worked with her when I could, and hugged her everyday. Being a child for years, there where secrets about my mother that were never mentioned, such as my mothers disappearance for two years when I was three years old?  My mothers leg was deformed as if a piece of was snapped off and how my mother dealt with the stress of the divorce of my father without me noticing. Maybe at the moment it wasn’t time for answers but this summer all my mothers mysteries where revealed.

During this summer of 2009, I went on a trip to Venezuela with my father to meet his side of the family whom I never met before. Sadly my mother isn’t allowed to travel, she has  been hospitalized in Jackson for the past two years; she’s a paranoid schizophrenic of medication. Being new to Venezuela, I walked around with my cousin who knew Venezuela like the back of his hand. He recommended the mall to be a good place. For a while an emotion struck me as if someone kept watching me from a distance, but I did not sense where it was coming from do to all the people. Suddenly some lady touches me, I looked at her teary face and for some reason she hugged me, and I hugged her as if I have known her all my life. She told me that she’s my mother’s sister, she cried because she never thought shed see me all grown up. Never thought of it before but it would’ve been kind of sad if I never met my family before either they or I passed away. We walked to her house to meet my cousins, and they where overwhelmed to see me as well, It was one big family reunion. The only problem was the one that counted the most to me was not there, my mother.
            I began looking at all of them and picking out the little parts to them that resembled my mother. I swear it felt like building a puzzle that completed my mothers face in the end. They explained to me that my mother’s illness came from a car accident that resulted in her leg braking into three parts. Her head was also affected; she banged it up. It was said that the morphine, the drug used for her pain, was what set my mom to hearing voices and that it was impossible for her to be a schizophrenic because no one in the family has ever had it. While her and my father where married he helped her take the medication and after the divorce she stopped taking it. This led to her episode on September 9 2009 and led her to be hospitalized.
            With a better understanding of my mother’s past I was able to help her now in the present. I’ve explained to doctors her conditions. They never knew since there new doctors. They do not know my mothers past. If it were not for this trip to Venezuela, god knows where my mother would be right now. While on this trip various, things where learned besides my mothers secrets. I learned to value family more and that even though they are millions of miles away I should keep in touch with them. Also, I learned what it really means to be a Mendoza, hard work and dedication. Ironically a trip first intended in me meeting my fathers family lead me to meet other lives that love me and save one that I love the most.

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