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It all started with one simple question. “What’s in Idaho?” Those were the first words out of my mouth when my parents told me that our family was to be vacationing in Idaho. Not only was it the land that absolutely nobody wanted; it’s basically known only for growing big potatoes. And I am not a fan of those bland, dirty vegetables. Besides that, what’s there to do? We were visiting in August of 2009, so it wasn’t like we were going to ski. There are only a few amusement parks to speak of, a couple national forests that, by the way, all look the same…and some old, closed silver mines. So I repeat, what’s in Idaho?

And what’s that got to do with my amazing vacation? Hmm… a great question. For starters, our friend is a culinary level chef, and she cooked a wonderful meal for us—everyday. They also had a Nintendo Wii, which none of my family had played before; and they taught us some tricks so that we could cream each other at our preferred sport. Best of all, they owned property with lake access, and their boat was in great condition. So each day, we went tubing at a ripping speed of 28 mph—it feels a lot faster when you are bouncing up and down on nothing but an inflatable raft; your feet slapping crystal clear lake water which has the solidity of stiff glass. Of course, it wasn’t actually as solid as glass. Like I said, that’s what it felt like.

Our family also biked the Hiawatha Trail. We cruised through a tunnel (lit only via bike light) that was over 1.75 miles long. Many of us fell victim to the inevitable Hiawatha Skunk Stripe—a trail of mud that spots a line smack down the center of your back. Mountain bikes do not have fenders on them.

Fascinatingly, that was only the first half of my vacation. We drifted to Kellogg, Idaho, where there is a little water park called Silver Mountain Resort. When we arrived, it appeared to be that the majority of the water park was geared for little tots—great, but we didn’t have any. We were two teenagers and a few adults. So we focused mainly on one attraction: the FlowRider. You can practically learn to surf on that ride. But one packed wave ride and three slides didn’t hold our attention for long.

While we were temporarily bummed out, it didn’t last the evening. We determined that we should go for a drive—to Wallace. Oh boy—we weren’t impressed; and we said so. Upon hearing our comment, a friend loaned us Dante’s Peak, a movie starring the tiny town of Wallace, and Pierce Brosnan; the ever so cool James Bond. If that wasn’t neat enough, the fun continued. My mom and I had the privilege to eat at The Snake Pit, a western restaurant where Pierce Brosnan filmed some of Dante’s Peak. I got to sit where he sat—and take pictures of the bridge used for some final movie scenes.

There wasn’t much else to speak of, save a few minor events at the airport hardly worth mentioning. Wait, almost my favorite part… I got a ride in a 1987 Porsche 944 Turbo. Although I couldn’t choose a favorite activity—they were all incredible. And yes, I did get a look at a very bulky baked potato. I did not, however, eat one bite of it. After all, what would I want with a big, starchy potato?

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