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My best friend lives in Aliso Viejo, California. Two summers ago, I went to visit her after a long summer of working on a farm. It was a much needed and very much enjoyed vacation. It seemed like a lazy vacation, but we never really stopped having fun. We were always out and about. We did everything, from shopping to going to the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland.

                First off, being the fashion obsessed teenage girls that we are; we spent a good amount of time during my vacation shopping. While this might not appeal to everyone, it is a good way to see the area, as a lot of the malls are fairly spread out. The malls are also very different then what I’m used to where I live in Tennessee. They are very upscale and looking through the expensive stores is like taking a vacation from reality. You may not be able to lay down that kind of money, but it is fun to pretend. Also, a very different shopping experience is the Irvine Spectrum in Irvine, California. It’s set up mostly like a regular mall, with all the stores facing inward and the big department stores on the corners, yet it is all open. At the spectrum you don’t walk through halls, you walk through the bright California sunshine. This concept would really only work in an area like Southern California as it does not typically rain much.  
                The second big thing we did on vacation was to brave Disneyland in the middle of summer. First things first, make sure you check the prices on the internet first because the tickets ended up costing more than we expected. I believe mine was sixty-six dollars, which is the least I paid for anything that day. Disneyland is fun though, if you know how to do right, everyone should definitely take advantage of the Disney fast passes, it cuts down your time in a line by hours. Also, families should remember to bring extra cash because nothing at Disney comes for free and there is also little to no storage available so vacationers beware of bringing too much. If me and my friend had figured this out before hand our time at Disney might have been even more memorable than it was and believe me it was certainly memorable. Disney is especially memorable when you fall on your face in front of hundreds of people, but it is always okay because Disney is so happy that you just laugh it off and go right on your way. Trust me, I know from experience. 
                The third thing about my vacation to California was not an activity I participated in or a place I went to, but an experience all the same. One morning, before we started our day, I heard the strangest noise, like a train barreling for the house and then I felt it. Yes, you guessed it, my very first California earthquake. It was quite possibly the scariest thing I’ve ever been through and that includes three hurricanes and few tornadoes. Perhaps earthquakes are so scary because the happen so fast and there is no warning, but in the end I have an interesting story to tell and a memory I’ll never forget. The best thing I can tell anyone about an earthquake is to duck and cover and if possible get out the building altogether and hopefully everything will be alright.
                My trip to California was memorable and I hope I’ll never forget it. Hopefully yours’ would be just as wonderful as mine!


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