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Traveling is always fun. You learn a lot about different people, cultures and places. The best traveling experience I’ve had is when I went too Lithonia, Georgia for a program called Camp Exposure, in the summer of 7th grade. The main thing I remember it was scorching hot! I went on a tour bus with about 50 students from around the city and some other state. Along with me enjoying this experience was my best friend Brittany.

We left around 6 AM on a huge tour bus with TV’s in it! I remember my dad crying as we drove off. I was having fun already on the bus as me and Brittany joked around and as we met new people. We all couldn’t wait to get to the big hotel everyone was talking about. When we arrived all of our mouths dropped. The hotel was gorgeous. I remember there being huge shiny chandeliers everywhere. The girls and boys were separated and then we were assigned roommates.

During the stay, we visited various historical places in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. One place we visited was The World Of Coca-Cola. It was fun seeing how a lot of Coke products were made and the history of it. The most fun part was when we tried different Coke products from different countries. Most of the drinks were delicious! There was one drink called Beverly that was horribly disgusting. It tasted like poison mixed with rubbing alcohol and dirt. Other than that bad experience, the tour was great.

On another day, we went to visit Martin Luther King’s old home. It was very weird to be in an old home that one of black history’s most influential men once lived. It was very interesting to look around the house and see how houses looked in the old days. We also visited his church that he attended. There was also a museum based on his life and achievements. I learned so much about what black people had to go through to get where we are now and I am so grateful for these wonderful, inspirational people that helped us get there.

We also visited a slave museum and learned more about how African American slaves. It was very scary to see how horribly these people were treated. In the museum we saw the shackles and chains that the slaves had to wear and watched some videos. I felt so sorry for the unfortunate people who had to go through it. I’m very fortunate to live in a time where there is no slavery or racism. This visit really made me think.

The most fun visit was when we went to Six Flags. I’m terrified of roller coasters so I just rode most of the “kiddy rides”. The main thing I remember about it was when we got off of the bus. There were gigantic bees chasing us. It was the scariest thing ever. Also, I remember it rained frequently. We had to run for cover a lot during our trip. The day after we left Six Flags, we went to the mall. Upset that I spent most of my money during the trip, I really didn’t shop. The only thing that I bought was a cute little teddy bear from Build-A-Bear Workshop. It bought a little pink outfit to go with it. She was so cute!

During the trip we did a lot more interesting things. We went to school, which was horrible! We had an art class, a business class, and a computer class. That was the worse part of the whole trip. So much for a summer vacation! We also took an etiquette class. At the end of the whole program we put our etiquette skills to work and had this huge dinner. We had to dress formally. Everyone looked so nice. The food was so good and everyone had a great time. The trip was a great experience and I recommend everyone to go. That was by far the best traveling experience I’ve ever had.

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