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 It was the summer of 2006, I was 12. My family was vacationing at the Bahamas: the last day, the last slide. This trip, I would soon find out, was one not likely to be forgotten. I heard screaming from inside and was itching to get into the action. I sat down on my tube and waited for the lifeguard’s ‘go’. I then pushed off into the rushing water and pulsing darkness below. My eyes adjusted and I screamed along with the others in the slide. As I gained momentum, I realized that there was a difference in the screams of the others. My screams were of joy, but theirs, of terror.

I sped down in the darkness and knocked over a boy climbing up the slide. We smacked into each other and my tube glided over him. I was soon about to find out why people were climbing up the slide. There was a blockade of tubes barring our way to the exit. I flew off my tube and got lodged underneath. The rushing water battered all around me, covering my head. I couldn’t breathe. The weight of the tubes crushed the remaining air from my lungs. I was slowly drowning. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t think. All I could do was lay there: in terror, in pain, and wait to die. My mind blacked out. I waited for the end to come. Then I felt a distant pain somewhere far away, and I was on my feet. A teenage boy had found me. I was saved! But this nightmare wasn’t even close to being over yet. The lifeguard kept sending more people down; and we were trapped.

I began climbing the slide as the others had done. I placed one shaky leg on either side of the enclosure and made it halfway. A man came knocked me back down to the pile of tubes. I fell down, got up and restarted. I cleared my head this time. I knew I had to keep calm; I prayed aloud to God with a fervent voice.

      “‘God, help me! I can’t do this by myself, come on God, we can do this.’”

 I slowly worked my way to the top; I stopped, distracted, from the light of the opening. My mind blanked. I saw people that had made it, they were safe. The lifeguard leaned over to help me, but he slipped. Everything happened in slow motion; He flew atop me, crushing me to the slide, I felt two toes crack, my chin split, and my front teeth shatter. All was silent. I allowed my tongue to wash over my jagged teeth as I slid downward in total darkness. Then the teenage boy took command. He told us to stop climbing. We passed tube after tube toward the back of our line until the pile was cleared. I walked out of the slide and as soon as I saw my family, I became hysterical.
I looked for my guardian angel, the boy from the slide. That’s when he came over and asked me if I was alright. I was speechless. He saved my life. In the slide he acted as my angel, he saved me, and looked out for me. I truly believe God sent him to that place at that time, to be in that slide with me. After that, it was as if he disappeared. I watched him walk away, blinked, and he was gone. God sent one of his angels to me that day. It’s just by chance that that angel took the form of a teenage boy.

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