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       Left Everything but the Accent
So I believe everyone knows stories have good parts and bad parts. My story has many bad and good parts. This is about my family journey moving from the south to the sad north. Now don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with the north or Midwest like people know Wisconsin as. I was born in Milwaukee actually, but never got a real feel for the place. I’m the type that says “I’m fixin’a go to the store.” And use the term “buggy” instead of shopping cart. So let’s take a long walk down my memory lane.
 The bad part: we moved because my grandpa died of lung cancer. So my mom wanted to stay with my grandma for a little bit, to make sure she was okay. The good part: most of my family lives in Wisconsin. So we packed everything in our little 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, where we lived for about 6 yrs, onto a moving truck. The truck was driven by a family friend; we were taking a plane on the other hand.
A small good part: making it to the airport on time (small victory for our family). We were in line to get our tickets and to get our luggage weighed and marked. A small bad part: one of our bags was overweight, so I left the line to go purchase another instead of paying a $50 fee. If you ever been into an airport gift shop if that’s what you wanted to call it, you know that nothing is that cheap. So the price for our new bag was $40. Not a big difference from the fee. So we make it through are luggage is all marked and gone. We go to security and practice removing anything metal or shiny, along with shoes and belts. Tip for the wise: don’t bring a laptop it takes more time.
 A bad part: so now we’re boarding the plane which is the size of a toy.  We were waiting to take off until we hear “Passengers, it seems as though we are having troubles with our radar if you can give us a few minutes we should be ready for take off.” A few minutes turn into 30, but we finally make it off the ground.
A bad part: we’re late for our next flight to Wisconsin (we were going Tennessee to Ohio to Wisconsin). A good part: the lady behind the information counter gave us a discount at a hotel near by. Tip to the wise: be nice to them, and they’ll do everything they can to help you. It helps if you have children who look hungry and sleepy behind you.
A bad part: shuttle to the hotel was leaving in 12 minutes. A good part: I’ve never had more fun running down a mile long hallway in my life. A funny part: a man was walking on a moving walkway, sat his coffee cup on it, turned around to see himself moving and his coffee not.
We make it to the hotel in a rickety shuttle bus. A bad part: no changing clothes. Tip for the wise: keep underwear in the carry on.
A good part: complimentary breakfast is yummy and free. A bad part: once we get to the airport are flight is overbooked, but everything works out.
We finally make it to Milwaukee. The worst part: they lose track of our luggage. Tip to the wise: take a coat to visit Wisconsin in the winter.

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