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Three years ago I took my first trip into new territory, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Before landing there my step-brother Adrian and I made a stop in Chile, but not to go site seeing, because Argentina was not letting anyone in by plane. Fine right, well that’s what we thought until one hour turned into two, then four, until we ended up staying there all night.  Not only were we stuck in a foreign country, we were both minors with no money, or way to call home, and the only source of food we had was donuts. All night and the only thing I had in my system was bad foreign Airplane food, fountain water and three donuts, oh how proud my mama would be. Note to others, always bring your own snacks when going on long trips, 18 hours in a plane with only airplane food and those toilets that flush blue water, equals something not so pretty. Anyways back to the situation in Chile, after spending almost half a night with my butt hurting, we decided to shove ourselves through the hoard of people, to talk to some of the airport crew. Not an easy task when you have over 200 passengers from several flights all yelling in Spanish, English and god knows what other languages. Eventually it succeeded thank gosh because I was about to start crying in the middle of the airport like some lost five year old, so someone can pay attention to me. They offered to put us in first class on the next plane to Buenos Aires, talk about lucky us. Our arrival, unlike the rest of our trip was great, much like our stay.

I stayed with Adrian’s family, who lived in that beautiful country, it was an amazing place. If you want to go anywhere for the freshest, most delicious tasting meat and milk, go to Argentina. The milk is naturally sweet, and the meat is grilled to perfection. We couldn’t season meat that tastes half as good as their meat which is most of the time just grilled with minimal salt. As for sports, fútbol which in America would be called soccer is Argentina’s crowning glory. Over there every game is treated like the super bowl, and the Boca stadium which is one of the countries famous soccer teams is treated like a temple.  There is no better place to learn a foreign language then in one of the countries that speak it in the most proper form. This is because Argentineans speak a closely related Spanish to the one actually spoken in Spain. I was lucky enough to be allowed to join Adrian’s cousin’s English tutor, who taught me Spanish. Im still a little rusty, but any Spanish I learned in the month I spent there actually speaking Spanish with residents was more then I ever learned in two years of Spanish class.

Argentina as a whole is a beautiful place, the one thing I would definitely, above all recommend any tourist to visit is the statue in the middle of the capital, it is the most beautiful breath taking sight I have ever seen. I was privileged enough to visit a beautiful country and join a family bond like I never knew existed and made friends and family who I will keep dear to my heart forever, and as soon as I can afford it I am taking another trip back there.

Mi corazón siempre estará en Argentina.

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