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There was a subtle change in the soothing, warm air.  I could tell I was no longer standing in the vast prairies of Kansas.  The sound of traffic filled the atmosphere with a continuous, frantic buzz.  Men and women of all ages, wearing repugnant clothing, were flailing their arms at yellow vehicles driving by hastily.    I was certain now; this was not my home town of Burlington. 

           I began to yawn as I awoke fully from my nap.  There was a sudden taste in my mouth which took me by surprise.  For some odd reason there was a slight tang of salt.  Where did that come from? I thought to myself.   I began to look into the hazy distance.  Past the flocks of abnormally large birds with soft white bodies and orange beaks, I could perceive something I had yet to experience in my young life.  As I peered off a ledge, encrusted with a sort of gritty texture, it finally came to me with little scrutiny.  I was looking at a massive swimming pool!  Of course, that was the only logical answer.  Being a child of eager spirit and much courage, I asked my father if I could go swimming.  He sadly denied my request and said that children should never swim in the ocean alone.  This was alarming to me because I had never seen such a gamut of water.  How did it all get there?  Why was it full of an inscrutable taste?  Why were the ocean’s waves perfunctorily crashing into the sandy shores?  It all made little sense to me, until my parents told me it I was in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean and we were about to board the massive cruise ship, called Carnival Victory. 

            First stop was the Bahamas. As I strolled off the colossal, white ship, I was immediately greeted by the locals. With their dark brown skin and colorfully patterned clothing, I could tell I was no longer in my small town of Burlington, Kansas. The locals were hustling around while manning their stands which consisted of homemade objects and T-shirts. Many natives were sitting on the dirt floors of the market while eating a substance which appeared to be a type of mush.  I had never witnessed such a sight.  My guardians began to explain to me that in the Bahamas people don’t have the opportunities that many people in the states have.  They lead a different style of life in order to survive on the island.  I was shocked.  Learning many new things in a short amount of time, I felt increasingly sorry for my wastefulness and constant greediness.  There are now pictures imbedded inside my head forever.

            Thus, on my trip I gained knowledge and became familiar with cultures and lifestyles I never knew existed. I learned to respect everything I have in life, because in many places around the world people don’t have the chance to receive the type of education, technology, and luxury items that I do. The beginning of this trip was nothing more than ordinary, but throughout this week long period it transformed into a trip of a lifetime. 


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