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I have been far away from home, but I have also traveled close to home, but who hasn’t? I have had many interesting adventures, but the one I want to tell you is my favorite. To many, it may not sound amazing, but to me… well let’s just say it was the best adventure of my life.

I was with my best friend and we were traveling with her family to Sioux Falls, SD and my best friend wanted me to meet her cousin. Well, I was like, why not? Meeting new people can be pretty fun. So we went to Oxford Bowl, a bowling alley near the mall. I was nervous to meet this cousin she told me about but when I entered and saw the tall dark figure look at me, my heart felt like it stopped for a few seconds.

He quickly looked away and continued to bowl, and let me tell you, his bowling skills are amazing. We said hello to him and his friends, and after that we just sat there quietly. My eyes were set on him intently and him being shy was so cute. I tried to talk, and said “Mr. Pickel?”, for it was printed on the back of his shirt. His short blunt words were, “My nickname.” and he continued bowling.

I was absolutely terrified that he had no interest in me, because he didn’t really look at me much or bother to talk. As he continued to bowl, my friend’s mom wanted to go, so we were ready to leave. I told my friend, “Okay! I met him, now give me his number!” I said with a huge smirk on my face, and I text him saying hey. That was when we left, but trust me; it wasn’t the end of the adventure. It was just the starting.

As we left, I looked out the window the whole way home. I text this magnificent creature for the whole night, and then he was saying to me, “Hey, we are gunna come over to Worthington!”, it was around 12 a.m. and I thought he was kidding. Sooner or later, we met at walmart, so it was all true. Once again, he didn’t really talk to me and he seemed to keep running away. I was so confused and didn’t know what to think. After one of the people at walmart asked if we were 18 because the police come and check the place in half an hour, we just smiled and told a little fib, saying we weren’t.

After that encounter, we quickly high tailed it out of there and went to my best friends place and chilled in her room for like an hour with this lovely boy and his crazy friends. We watched videos on youtube, said a few words, and then it was time for them to leave. We quietly tip toed down the stairs as they were going to leave. I asked all of them, “Anyone want a hug before you all go?” I said with a smile, but no response. Suddenly, I was picked up off my feet and was given a huge hug. It was from the cute, and harmless giant that I love today.

This, I tell you, was and is, the greatest adventure I have ever been on.


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