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A soft breeze plays with my hair. Screams of excitement are echoing in my ears. The warm sun casts vast shadows across the landscape. Tall, strong palm trees are ubiquitous as far as the eyes can see.

My pace quickens as my anxious wait comes to an end. I have a flashback of the small United airplane with two seats on both sides of the thin aisle. At last the unstable wheels reach the land way. The plane comes to a jerky stop easing my nerves.
I cautiously step out of the all too familiar aircraft. The sudden burst of sunlight burns my eyes. The busy Los Angeles atmosphere shocks my senses as I peer out at the unknown city. Six of us promptly pile into a shuttle to carry us to our hotel.
The Red Lion symbol peers down at us as we approach the big glass doors of our hotel. Surrounding hotels seem to intimidate our small, comfortable place to stay. A bumpy elevator leads us to our room where we will reside for the next week. We thrust our heavy luggage into the neatly organized room marking our territory.
As we venture out onto the crowded streets, the feeling of soaring through the clouds has just begun to wear off. A trickle of sweat slowly makes its way down my cheek from the extreme heat as we make our way down the fascinating strip.
I feel inferior to the towering buildings that encompass me. Growing lines of people linger outside fancy restaurants. A plain store on my right displays t-shirts and key chains with decorative logos. The windows are crowded with items that will fill my suitcase until I return home.
We continue down the dense sidewalk, as a mocking bus with magical Disney letters rushes past us. A brief moment later, a short, purple bus stops just ahead of us loading people of all ages. My already aching feet long to rest on one of the many passing buses.
Focusing in the direction the buses are traveling, I catch a glimpse of Mickey Mouse shaped ear balloons floating above bobbing heads. Our destination is clearly becoming closer and closer with each given step.
At last, the tall Disneyland arch is positioned directly above us. The ache in my feet is no longer noticeable and the angry growl from my stomach seems to disappear. I am frozen in time with a childish feeling I will not soon forget.
The temperature slowly drops as the sun fades away. Enchanted music slips into my ears adding a skip to my step. Alternating lights from surrounding rides flash colors upon the faces of people nearby. 
In the distance, a roller coaster launches riders into the air with shrieks of excitement and probably fear. A small, blue mouthed boy reveals a toothless grin as he chases after his parents. Disappointed tears run down a young girls face as her and her family leave the fantasy land behind.
I am truly standing in the land “Where Dreams Come True.” Crackle, crackle, pop! Shocked, I quickly spin around to find colored sparkles streaked through the dark, night sky. Silently, I close my eyes to capture this moment in time to treasure forever.  

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