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“No, mother, we can’t be late, calm down.”

Traveling in front of my mother in a second car was tough. You could expect a call every half hour proclaiming of speed limits and hungry children.

Besides the stress of driving 7 hours to Florida, in 2 cars, with 7 people, I was beyond ecstatic. In 2 years, this was me and my boyfriend’s first out of state vacation. He’d never been to Orlando and I got the chance to take him with me. We had our days planned, Universal Studios, Seaworld, Animal Kingdom, and one day to relax and shop at the local outlet stores. We’d go, we’d see, we’d conquer.

The Parc Corniche Suites were slightly overrated but they would do, Greg and I were too excited to care.  Our first night was spent lounging about and then listening to kids splashing around next to the hot tub.  Earlier that summer we’d gone through plenty of changes which led us to be single by the time we got around to the week of our trip. We would be dating soon, once we were both “ready.”  The week before our trip was wondrous, though.  We shared a great dinner and spent quality time together.  I thought we had it made.

Greg was a guy of few words and even fewer texts.  But during our trip, he was texting more than usual. It made me curious.

“Who’s got your attention so much, babe?”

“No one.”

“It’d be nice to text ghost, haha.”

“Just Napoleon, Brad, and Wini.”

The names ran in one ear and out the other. Except for the last one, which screeched to a halt and made a bee line right towards my intuition, exploding on impact.


“Just a friend.”

Aren’t they all just friends?  It irked me but hey, we were on vacation right?  No big deal. The texting continued and my impatience simmered. Eventually on our last day after Animal Kingdom, that impatience boiled over with him telling me he could text who he wanted after I asked him not to text on our vacation time. I. Was. Pissed.

Eventually, it was settled. Until Facebook ruined my life. Pictures creeped up with him and Wini, in poses and candids suggesting they were more than just friends. I was no longer pissed, I was livid. I confronted him and he said the pictures were old.  He quickly realized his mistake when he saw his tattoo in the pictures, 2 weeks new.

I regretted the slap immediately.  Not because I hit him, but because I had just jammed my finger in the door 2 days prior. He, of all people, deserved the first slap I’ve ever dished out on a boy.  And if you ask me it was a good one.  I stormed off, he proclaimed me crazy, I asked him to leave, he called Napoleon.  Within a timeframe of an hour he had packed his things and checked out another suite. Napoleon was on the way.  In that long, sleepless night I realized many things, one being I can only depend on myself.

In the end I learned valuable lessons.  Shopping will sustain a broken heart in emotional limbo, until you’re broke. And some people just don’t deserve second chances. But, in the end, I learned the most valuable lesson I carry today, I am stronger than I ever thought I could be. I hope one day every single person gets the chance to realize they are stronger than they think and can overcome anything in life.  I wish them luck.

I went, I saw, I conquered.


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