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All that could be seen was the immense stature of brown; it seemed as if we were headed to an oasis of dullness and dryness instead of an oasis of bright lights and culture, as I like to call it. I had heard all the stories and begged to go to this sanctuary they call Las Vegas only to be held captive inside my too small car crammed with luggage that stood underneath my toe fingers.

Finally the car came to a halt and I carelessly threw the door open to stretch my short tan legs, only to be greeted by a pale sky that gave an ominous feeling to the hotel. It seemed as if this scene belonged more to a horror film then to the city of sin. Although it was an unorthodox first impression I still gave it hope. My family and I walked inside and were suddenly filled with the feeling of claustrophobia. Overcrowded seemed like the right term to describe Circus Circus, kids ran down the aisles screaming, sounds of ticking slot machines, and the screeches of loosing victims were heard throughout Circus Circus, and all I could think was, why?

The elevator ride to our room was a more peaceful event; it gave everyone a brief period of sanity. As my family conversed I started to daydream about my ideal hotel room, a room that could give competition to the Queen herself, a room with a view and soft fluffy pillows that accompanied a bed that gave the right support to every curve of the body. Who knew that when I walked in I would be shocked at how unsettling the room looked and felt? Outdated wallpaper, crunchy feeling beds, not to mention the whole room smelled like smoke, and the view, well let’s just say I saw bud-cracked construction workers.

Well who am I to judge for all I know the basis of our crappy room was based solely on the amount of money my parents were willing to pay on a hotel. Maybe the idealistic view of Las Vegas had been construed to be seen as a wondrous city when in fact it was just a city. In either case this was the room we were stuck in and all I wanted to do was get out. We finally made our way out the room and made our crippling walk down to the strip. The strip did live up to its expectation, which indeed shocked me. It was more then could be expected there were bright lights that made you squint your eyes repeatedly, the people there were different from each other in varied ways. The difference ranged from race to culture from tourist to the everyday man it was as if I had made a trip all around the world.

Las Vegas in truth is a little world in itself filled with dramas found on late night cable that steal your brain and soul for a brief period, and that exactly it is the city of sin. Everyone there was whirled up in their own lives whether they were talking about the latest clubs or they needed another drink. Sin was apparent everywhere from the billboards to the cracked pavement. Half naked women were posted all over it was as if I was in some dominatrix male fantasy. To me it was grotesque and to the men I was an inferior slab of meat. Although the women were broadcasted everywhere the half naked men were broadcasted correspondingly, places such as the ladies room or women related areas. I don’t know if it was the ranging teenage hormones or what but I do remember that I saw a billboard with five scorching “hot” men with a black tie and jeans and just thought to myself I will be eight-teen soon.


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