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            I’ve been taught that every generation must prepare for the next generation. To live for today is shortsighted; to live for tomorrow is vision. God gave us all the wealth of our potential, gifts, abilities, energies, creativity, ideas and dreams, to help others. We bear the responsibility for activating, releasing and maximizing this potential. To help the next generation we must nurture these gifts, talents and potentials.

            As a student ambassador I had the privilege to travel to Europe for fourteen days with a group of students ages 11-12. This was a life changing travel experience, which I will never forget. It changed my perspective on life in so many ways.

            Independence is an important aspect to becoming successful in life. This experience helped me to become independent and more responsible at such a young age because I was away from my mother, and I had to look after myself. I was learning to become a young adult. I had to learn to manage my money and to give myself a budget of how much I would spend each day. When were staying at the Euro Disney Resort, I wanted to buy everything I laid my eyes on, but I knew that I had to be responsible and give up some of the things I wanted for the things that I needed, such as food for the day, toiletries, and even calling cards so that I could call home every other day or two. That was my first reality check. Managing my money wisely.

            While traveling I had the opportunity to explore the many cultures. France is known as the “City of Love”, which at the time I did not realize. As I got older and learned the true meaning of love, it all made sense. Everything was so beautiful there such as the music, the buildings, and most importantly the art. France is known for their famous arts. I got the chance to go to the Louvre Museum, where I saw one of the world’s most famous pieces of arts, The Mono Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci. To be able to look at this painting in real life was breathtaking. It made me feel confident. I wanted to go home and share every little detail of this famous painting. I embraced this moment because I knew I was the only person in my entire family that would ever see this painting in person.  This meant a lot to me, because I knew that there were other students that did not have this opportunity to travel and see the things that I did. They would only learn about The Mona Lisa painting from out of a textbook. The buildings were made so beautifully and you could tell that the people who made them were passionate about art and respected their country. Being able to walk inside these buildings and touch the works of art, was amazing. I just knew there was more to life, and that the United Sates was not the only place suitable from living. That is why I cherished every moment of my time in France.

            As I look back on this traveling experience I can see how it has changed my life as a person. This trip has opened up my eyes and made me aware of my surroundings and to be more alert about our current events and things that happen in the world. Things that happen in different countries can still affect us here as well. Just as the treasures of those that came before have benefited us, my potential should benefit and help the next generation. That is why it is up to me to learn and to embrace all the knowledge I can so that I can share with others my experience, so they would want to travel and to be aware of what is going on around the world. This country is getting to be more diverse than ever before, and it is our job as the citizens to learn from the different cultures to embrace, value, and accept them.


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