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             I stood perfectly blind as a strange, wet substance clouded my eyes. My senses began to come back to me as syllables from words spoken only by loved ones, inevitably blew into one ear and out of the other. The nuance which rapidly replaced my happiness shocked me into a state of reverie. At this point, words no longer made sense to me. I only half-understood what was being said. “It’s time to leave,” repeatedly played in my head like a broken record. Almost grudgingly, my eye lids closed and re-opened to take in the scene. The fresh, green grass, which I’ve grown fond of walking barefoot on, crushed under the weight of the black cat. The bright sky shined on my sister, my cousin, and I as we took one last glance at the Delaware house which had became our second home.

            The year 2005 was one of my favorite years in a state other than New York. Although I had traveled to Delaware several times, this year was more important to me because it was when I realized just how much I loved traveling. As my vision cleared from the sleep that was lodged in my eyes from the two hour drive from New York City to Delaware, I became flabbergasted once again. So much had changed since the previous summers’ visit. A bigger house welcomed my sister, my cousin, and I. Along with the house we were met by my cousin, the owner of the house, several family members, the black cat, and the tan dog. Several hours after choosing rooms to sleep in, freshening up, and grabbing a bite to eat, we were already hanging out with new and old friends as though we had seen them the previous day. Having still been finding myself at the time, I felt more relaxed with my family to comfort me and draw me away from the stress.

            My Delaware experience means a lot to me. Those were the days when I did not worry about small matters, such as what others’ opinions were of me. The fresh, country air relieved my stress. While in Delaware, I became aware of the fact that it was different from New York City. Late night activities are one thing that I became used to. In Delaware, I was allowed to stay outside longer because my family knew everybody, and also because it is a small town. At night the insects would chew on our skin. However the scenery was beautiful because the street lights would shine on the flower infested bushes. The lights also made our darkened skin glow. As a young child I thought that the picture was beautiful. Delaware is different from New York City because the people, whom I have run into, are friendlier. I’ve grown accustomed to the kind gestures and hospitality. One bad personal experience for me was when I became ill. Every time I traveled to a new place other than my home in New York, I became ill with a headache or stomach ache. This was the only bad part of my travel experience.

            There were many things that I learned from my trip to Delaware. The first is that everything should be attempted at least once. The outcome is unknown unless it is tried. Being that I do not travel to Delaware during the summer breaks anymore, a lot has changed. I’ve grown to realize that I have actually matured in that state. Through the hardships and misunderstandings of others through my path, I overcame their taunting ways. I also became eloquent the more times that I went to Delaware. I am currently applying for Delaware State University although I live in New York City. My travel experience to Delaware for almost six years has influenced me to try new things in life, to take that extra leap. As my eyes slowly open to this too-familiar place, which I call “home”, a smile sneaks to its rightful home on my face.


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