As I look back now, there was one time I thought that I would never make it

through life. It was three years ago, March 21st, 2006 to be exact, when I was forced to

move to a whole different time zone. I went from a small town in Alta, Iowa with a

population of 1800 to a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. I loved all my friends, my school,

and the way things were. I had moved before, but this was the most heart-breaking

move I have ever experienced. I thought crying would keep my mom from moving, but

it only gave me sympathy from others and never got me what I hoped for. As my new

life started to approach, I grew even more nervous and scared on how things would

turn out.

        The first day came and nothing went as well as I hoped. Everyone gave me the

stare and already had their first impression of me. I guess so much for don’t judge a

book by its cover. Their school was much bigger than the one I went to and easier to

get lost in. It went from a school with 300 students to a school with 4,000 students. I

didn’t make any new friends because everyone had their cliques. Why would they

need anyone else, I thought. My twin sister changed who she was to fit in; it was as if I

didn’t even know her anymore. It was like she forgot about me. That’s when I realized I

was alone, and how much I missed all my friends back home. Things never seemed

to get better. My nickname as the “new girl” stuck. School seemed unbearable. My

friends promised me that we would keep in touch everyday and I thought they would

be able to make me feel better. The days of talking just turned into a few days, then

once a week, then months, then whenever we had time to talk. I felt like there was no

one to turn to. I felt like I had never been more miserable. There was not one

afternoon that I didn’t spend locked up in my room crying. I really thought that this was

the lowest point of my life and I would never get to better times.

         I’m not quite sure when my life started to get better. It took a while, but it did

happen. If I was able to predict how my life would have turned out today, I would have

never guessed. I eventually made new friends. My friends back home are still apart of

my life. I realized that I can’t hold on to the past and that I have to move forward . We

talk every once and a while. My teachers and counselor are pretty amazing. Being

here, taught me so much about life that I probably would have never learned. I have

learned that I can let people in my life and they won’t disappoint me and also not

everyone will walk out on me. Maybe I just got use to everything or I finally realized I

can’t keep living in the past because things do change, but I have realized the people I

have met along the way are pretty amazing. I sure didn’t know what I had until it was

gone; I realized the rain must fall down and some days must be dark and dreary. Time

did heal my wounds, and everything does happen for a reason; but most importantly,

life went on.

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