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The best trip that I have have gone on so far, was my trip, with my friend Shelby, to Florida. I knew that I would have to be prepared, for we were going to drive down there, and it would take about eighteen hours. The day before we set off, my mom bought me tons of stuff to do; it’s always good to stock up when going on a long drive.

Unfortunately, Shelby was not as prepared for the road trip as I was. When I asked her why she didn’t bring anything, she simply said it was because she was going to sleep the whole trip, which proved to be false . In fact, after a couple hours on the road, she still had not been able to fall asleep. I was being responsible by just watching the scenery fly by instead of using all of my road resources. That got boring, so I grabbed something to eat, and started in on one of my movies. Shelby, who was unable to sleep, joined me.

While I was in that car, I discovered something that opened up the heavens to me. I discovered the book Twilight, and my life has not been the same since. I tried my hardest to force it onto Shelby, but she claimed that she could not get into it, it still frustrates me. Upon my first time reading Twilight, I was interrupted because we had to stop at the Days Inn. However, I don’t remember which city we were in at the time because it was really late.

We started back again after eating a continental breakfast, which I was very upset about because I really wanted a hot breakfast. We went through the same motions of me reading Twilight, and Shelby trying to get some sleep.

Once we finally made it to Orlando, we checked into a five star hotel. I can’t recall the name, but I do know that it was the only five star hotel I had been in, and I was in shock at all the stuff that the room had.

The next day, we woke up and went to Disney World, which I was psyched about because I grew up on Disney and couldn’t wait to see all of the characters. However, once we got there, I was disappointed to see all of the long lines. Also, Disney World didn’t have many rides, but instead there were a lot of stores. I still had a good time though because of the fireworks show at the end. It was possibly one of the best things that I have ever seen in my life; there was music that I had known since I was little, and tinker bell seemed to actually be floating in the air as flew from the castle.

I thought that Disney World would be hard to top, but the next day we went to Orlando Studios, and I was overwhelmed by the amount of fun I had. There were ride simulations for all types of movies. My favorite simulations had to be the Jaws and Earthquake simulations, because you were actually in a boat and you could feel the heat from the fires when they were ignited. If I had to choose between Disney World and Orlando Studios, Studios would win hands down just because there is more than you could ask for.

Sadly, we started back the next day, but I was a little homesick. I haven’t been anywhere special since, but I plan on going back down there within the next year.


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