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The weather was hot, I could feel the waves of heat as they swept across my forehead. Aromas of smoldering paths of tar fluttered into my well settled and adapted nose. The feeling of being home was somewhat sunk in my train of thought, but home sweet home wasn’t traveling along . An average summer day was what I had foreseen but suddenly as a cool unfamiliar breeze grasped a hold of me. I was finally thankful of my kid forsaken town and this breeze of enlightenment tickled my cheeks as it passed away and ascended skyward to travel to another misfortune soul.

upon watching this breeze gently sail away my mom drove up in front of me carrying this breeze behind her “come on Michael lets go,” she said with an outlandish emotion placed an outlandish smile across her face. I dipped my head into the car and witnessed my brother beside me with the same alien smile I witnessed before across my mother’s face and he said, “Hey, Mike guess what were movin to NY.” I whipped my head towards his and struck a look of disbelief “No, way!” my head started to spin in wonder and the desire to ask millions of questions at once replenished it self in my head. I pondered around the car and noticed that we had already set the coarse to our journey and before i even got the chance to realize the loss we were on the highway.

The wind flickered against my face as i arose to the surrounding nature of the rocky mountains. The stiff cold shook me like a southern cakealifornian earthquake and soft flakes of snow were flourishing all around us. The faces of the passengers on this ride were awed in excitement the journey to a new life had well the turning point, but mom was in a completely deffrent mind set.

She looked as if the road was full of landmines and examined closely at the turns made at the bends in the road. Black ice was immense at this time of year and the road didn’t help much for friendly travelers “oh my god, oh my god were sliding, were sliding!” she whispered with a breath of terror. We all sat petrified as we passed the life threatening cliffed path and onto the straight familiar road of the highway. The sweat  that trickled down our cold cheaks was replenished as the first rest stop. My slept without a thought but i stayed alert as my past reverberated in my eyes, as the thought of changing my life and setting a new corse morped into the thought of not making it past the bread valley.

We made it back on the road and i observed the scenes as they zipped by me, as life was showing its true colors and reavealing the turning points in my life. The sun was shining in a bright warming sensation as we passed through the mid west and i thought about all the good times i shared with the town i thought i hated. The vast kindness shared by neighboring friends, the commitment promised by the best of them and the fun we had sharing the childhood memorys of living in the dessert town of Las Vegas.

Before i could begin to wonder where we were swallowed in a dense fog as we were three quarters of the way cross country and the only light to guide to the life ahead was two small hazey ones. They were were lights of a semitruck. The lights seem to flicker in worry as thick clouds of fog whiped in back of it, but this time i new we would get through it at the topsy age of 13 i knew we’d pass to New York. So as i slumbered the bright city lights of a New Yorkers night awoke me and the changings of life renewed that fresh breezy feeling of change.

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