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Miles stretch along miles of dry cracked land, deprived of so much water that it no longer held the moist coffee brown color but an alert orange that cried out for rain entered my sight. The raging sun beat down on frail patches of grass and trees like a continuous drum, pounding down rays of sunlight that stole the moisture from the weeping ground. Animals only seen here exploited the few shreds of shade that mass bushes and trees produced. My peers and I tittered by in a small convoy, peeking our foreign faces out the roof in pure amazement. As we crossed the lands of Massa Mari in Kenya, Africa, I clenched my Cannon i200 camera tightly between my sandy palms and held it up to my eager face. I viewed the world threw that tiny clear glass lens, sucking in every bit of the unfamiliar with an occasional block in my sight as the shutter closed and reopened again. It was in those astonishing moments I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I was only twelve years old, and I knew this was it, this is what I wanted to be. A sleek smile glittered my face as my index finger pounded feverishly on the camera’s button. I wanted to be; I must be a photographer.

Since those fourteen days my whole outlook on the world has changed. I saw everything as a picture, wherever I looked, I was scanning my sight for different angles and constantly checking the lighting for an imaginary photo shoot. My notebooks all consisted of pages of landscapes, or thoughtfully poses manikins with scribbled details that only camera geeks could understand. Years later and my notebooks are still covered with tiny descriptive notes. I dream of traveling the world and capturing what I fine truly amazing. Rainy Amazon jungles, chilly Japanese mountains, and live New York City night streets tickled at my heartstrings as I imagined my life in the near future. It took some well thought out planning and years of finding my true self become I decided on my goals. I am to become a world renowned photographer, known as one of the greats, who graced her photos in the colorful pages in the National Geographic Magazine. I will live in Tokyo, Japan; home of some of the most stunning scenery be it the city or otherwise. I knew where I was going; now I just needed to take the long, hard steps to get there.

I took a photography class in high school but I felt it was not enough. The students slept the class away and the teacher was an Art teacher who would have rather been painting that capturing beauty with a camera. I knew I would have to study this further if I had planned doing my new found love as a living so I looked to the future. I was dedicated to what I wanted to be. College was the next step. So, the search began. I surfed the internet for hours; attended many of college fair and shifted threw countless amounts of mindless mail until I came upon Drexel University. It has everything I needed, including Photography as a major. Africa showed me my passion, and taught me things some people would never learn. It showed me what I want to do with my life, and I could never replace that experience or thank the mother land enough for it.

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